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  1. DJ Kirk

    Ceramic Heat Emitters vs. Heat Panels

    I am firmly on the CHE side. I hate panels.
  2. DJ Kirk

    Can you check my redfoot diet and schedule?

    my RF has turned into a living garbage can Will eat anything. For reference...... I feed greens (mix arugula, crucifers, kale, radish tops, chards) 4 days a week, fruit/veg once (mango, strawberry, zucchini) Mizuri once, and I have him fast one day since he's probably a little overweight and...
  3. DJ Kirk

    outdoor enclosure

    I live in southern Ontario, Canada... Only times I can get my RF outside is when it's over 80F and humid... I will leave him out there as long as I can on days that I can... every little bit helps
  4. DJ Kirk

    is an 8x2x2 good for an adult red foot/cherry head indoors?

    I was about to post but this was going to be my response as well
  5. DJ Kirk

    Recommendations on a misting system?

    I use a fogger that goes off 4 times a day for 30 min. Keeps humidity at 80%+ all day. The substrate doesn't get soggy and it looks cool. Foggers on places like amazon are cheap but fairly good (I've had a 4L $50 one for 2 years now).
  6. DJ Kirk

    Will I get mold at the bottom of my enclosure

    Just keep your enclosure free of old food and waste. Good cypress mulch changed every 3-4 months. Spot daily cleaning. And FlexSeal is what I used on my enclosure - all corners, sides, etc. then I used a heavy duty shower curtain then some rubber mats. Never had a problem with mold or mildew at all.
  7. DJ Kirk

    Apartment Porch Enclosure

    Sulcatas require huge areas to live. Most sulcata owners use an entire backyard and let the tort roam. My cousin in Louisiana reinforced her fence with cinder blocks 4 ft deep with another row above ground and then her fence. Her tort is about 25 years old and very large as the last time she...
  8. DJ Kirk

    Red foot and radishes

    Radish tops (the green leafy part) are a standard part of my RF tort's diet. I saw a grocery clerk once at my local store lopping off the greens on the radishes and throwing them away. I asked if I could have them. He said no problem. Now all the clerks save the radish tops for me at the store...
  9. DJ Kirk

    8ft x 4ft vivarium

    Here is a link to mine a few years ago I built one a little bigger but all my dimensions/instructions are there
  10. DJ Kirk

    Can i use a humidifier in my tortoise table?

    I use a fogger in my RF indoor enclosure - just guarantees 80+ humidity
  11. DJ Kirk

    Baby redfoor loves cool side

    I keep my redfoot enclosure at a steady 83F with a couple of hotspots that get to around 88-90F using two CHEs on thermostat. I turn it off for 6 hours at night and let it drop to 75F before they kick on again. Kind of simulates their jungle climate. More important is humidity. Must have a...
  12. DJ Kirk

    Pros and Cons of Digital Timers?

    I couldn't live without having my lights, heaters, and misters on timers. Cheap analog timers from Stanley have always worked for me. ZooMed has some digital timers that work well and reset back to normal after power goes out so I have some of those on the thermostats.
  13. DJ Kirk

    Red foot Tortoise Diet

    RF's can be very stubborn when they enjoy a food. Bananas are like crack cocaine to my guy. Just keep offering greens everyday and eventually he'll get hungry enough to eat what is offered. It took me months (like 6) to get mine onto a weekly schedule: Sun - greens, Mon - mazuri, Tues -...
  14. DJ Kirk

    Red foot indoor enclosure

    I would encourage you to make your own. I had zero experience but with help from people here, research, and some thought I built a great enclosure that has lasted the test of time for about $100.
  15. DJ Kirk

    Prickly pear - fruit or leafy green?

    10% protein a week? Pure protein? Like meat? If pure protein that's waaaaay too much... should be little bit of protein per month like one serving of high protein catfood a month and you should feed them more than 20% fruit/week - vary the fruit but it should be 50/50 with leafy greens
  16. DJ Kirk

    1 Year of growth

    My redfoot is 15 months old - here are its weight counts last few months for comparison... I always weigh on the or about the 1st of each month after soaking - some slower growing months and some faster but I think over 100g in 8 months is great Jan 2020 - 187g Feb 2020 - 198g Mar 2020 - 208g...
  17. DJ Kirk

    Any recommendations for my tortoise enclosure?

    Many people on here know more about sulcatas than I do but I would think you need much larger than 6x3 - that's not even big enough for a adult redfoot let alone a sulcata. But for now it's probably OK until it grows. Most people put sulcatas outside with a night box.
  18. DJ Kirk

    After over a year FINALLY....

    ... got my redfoot "Taco" to eat out of my hand regularly That is all Just sharing
  19. DJ Kirk

    Housing a redfoot outdoors in uk is this possible

    There is no way you could house a redfoot outdoors in the UK. No way there would ever be enough high humidity.
  20. DJ Kirk

    Early signs of pyramiding

    Looks fine to me Good growth Forget the basking spot Use a CHE for extra heat and UVB strip light Be careful to to overdose on the repti-vite extra calcium