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  1. erica anne


    I am curious, are these guys typically sterile?
  2. erica anne

    winter electirc bills?

    How big is the building and does it have high ceilings? Are you in an area with harsh winters? If I remember correctly you have quite a few torts...
  3. erica anne

    winter electirc bills?

    I live in Arizona so winters are fairly mild but our initial outdoor shelter was not well insulated. I used a kane heat mat and a CHE. Our electric bill is really about the same as it was in previous winters.
  4. erica anne

    Radiated heat panels?

    Hi, So Franklin (who is a girl) is finally getting her new digs!! We built a 4x4 shelter based off of one of Tom's designs but I don't know what size heat panels to purchase and would LOVE suggestions so I don't spend the money on the wrong size. Thank in advance! Jessica
  5. erica anne

    In Arizona, Need Local Desert Tortoise Help.

    This is true. As long as they are gifted not sold your okay. I did get documentation from the woman that gifted mine to me but the main thing is not to take them from the wild or out of state.
  6. erica anne

    Post your funniest pet photos!

    Here are my 3 sugar gliders. Getting ready to play in the tent!
  7. erica anne

    Show me your tortoises!

    I am almost positive that you have a desert tortoise there ( a very cute one!) the care is much like that of a sulcata.
  8. erica anne

    Show me your tortoises!

    Kanye looks just like one of my desert tortoises! The legs and feet look different from a sulcata. Anyway he is ADORABLE!!
  9. erica anne

    Confused about pyramiding

    Confused please help ASAP My Franklin had pyramiding very much like that as a result of dry conditions. Once I created a humid environment his new growth started coming in flat. That isn't severe pyramiding and should look fine as he grows. Good job on making the changes, he's a cute little guy.
  10. erica anne

    Pretend Chat 2.14

    Family can involve waay to much drama. It is sad. I love mine but sometimes it has to be at a distance.
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    Wait, it seems as though you all see urates as a good thing? Isn't that a sign of some level of dehydration?
  12. erica anne

    Possibly adopting a 100 lb Sulcata

    Great visual lol. Reality check for those of us that have small torts and small poo!
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    We have 1 cat, 2 parakeets, 3 tortoises and 2 sugar gliders but one of them has a Joey in pouch (yay!).
  14. erica anne

    Rocking climbing tortoise

    Beans is a beautiful tortoise! I have a little guy who loves to climb on top of one of his hides. I had to build sloped walls of coco coir on either side. Now he crawls up one side and slides down the other on his plastron. He does this over and over. It is so fun to watch!
  15. erica anne

    Another Dog Story...

    To those who who are above needing to watch their dogs around tortoises: It is similar to this thought process: An individual believes that they know when they have had too many drinks to drive. They may have had a few and driven home perfectly safe numerous times and think that they are...
  16. erica anne

    My new sulcata !

    Good point! I forgot to mention that I lined the edges of the cutouts with aluminum foil pretty thoroughly so the lamps did not have direct contact with the plastic lid. Never had an issue with any melting. [hr] I just noticed Elohi's picture. That is exactly what I did with the foil. As a...
  17. erica anne

    Freaking out....Creepy crawlies in my room

    I have to ask. Is Jerry a pet spider or a wild one that was allowed to keep his camp ( until he broke the rules of course)
  18. erica anne

    My new sulcata !

    My advice is to buy a large Rubbermaid tub for an enclosure. They are relatively inexpensive so when your tortoise outgrows it there isn't a huge investment lost. They sell 50-70 gallon tubs at Home Depot or Walmart. You can even combine two and go larger. I cut holes in the lids for the...
  19. erica anne

    Participated tab

    TFO app for me. Never heard of tap talk ...