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  1. Lindalee7

    rehoming an Indian Star tortoise

    Thread ok'd by moderator Hello all! I have recently been given a gorgeous male Indian Star. Appears to be an adult, and from what I can tell, looks to be in great condition. I already have two Red Foot torts that I keep in a large natural outdoor enclosure- and due to being in south Florida ...
  2. Lindalee7

    Red (possibly ornamental?) grass

    So strange!! That definitely looks like the same grass. No idea why it would be reacting that way given our temps are 88+ degrees for the last few months most days... but that sure does look the same.
  3. Lindalee7

    Red (possibly ornamental?) grass

    Weird ! If that’s what it is, it must be the soil in that part of the lawn. We haven’t had anything close to cool temps since last year.
  4. Lindalee7

    Red (possibly ornamental?) grass

    I thought so at first but the rooting is quite different. Not leggy like crabgrass.
  5. Lindalee7

    Red (possibly ornamental?) grass

    For further examination , the grass in question is on the left, regular uncut St. Augustine grass on the right.
  6. Lindalee7

    Red (possibly ornamental?) grass

    It is very similar, but I’ve lived here my whole life and never have I seen it turn red. Most of the rest of our yard is St Augustine or Bermuda grass. We just have this one random patch of red ??‍♀️
  7. Lindalee7

    Red (possibly ornamental?) grass

    Yeah I’m getting a bunch of random ones on my app that don’t match either. The closest thing that came up was Japanese blood grass but it’s much taller. thanks for checking though!!!
  8. Lindalee7

    Red (possibly ornamental?) grass

    Anyone know what this could be?? I just bought a house with a large yard, and this grass is growing freely on one side. At first I thought the grass was diseased- but it’s definitely just a certain type of grass. Can’t find much on google that matches. Help! I have a free roaming large Sulcata...
  9. Lindalee7

    Tortoise beaks hurt ouch

    Haha yep!! My two 1 1/2 year old Russians try to eat my toes on a regular basis. They got me twice by surprise... it HURTS!! ??
  10. Lindalee7

    Where can i get a tortoise from a cheap reliable source

    Please don’t purchase a “cheap” pet just because you want one. Most animals (including and especially torts and other reptiles) can and will get very pricey to own and properly maintain. If you go cheap, you will undoubtably end up with a poorly cared for and unhealthy pet. Do the adequate...
  11. Lindalee7

    South Floridian hurricane season supplies

    Anyone have advice on what to do with a medium sulcata during the storm? I was just recently given one found by a friend. She’s about 20lbs but is pretty wild. I let her loose in my small back patio garden. She’s got plenty of room to roam , but with a bad storm on its way I’m not sure of the...