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  1. JakeDevoe

    Need to find a home for two Red Footed Tortoises

    I am just trying to rehome them not sell.
  2. JakeDevoe

    Need to find a home for two Red Footed Tortoises

    My name is Jake DeVoe and I am in need of a new home for one or both of my red footed tortoises. They are both 8 years old from the same clutch and roughly the size of a football. They are very friendly, active, and love to be fed by hand. They are great pets but not being in a creep...
  3. JakeDevoe

    Eastern Box Turtle Brumating?

    Box turtles will usually stop eating during brumation in the wild, so yes it is normal for her to not want to eat and offering food less often is fine.
  4. JakeDevoe

    Need help with ball python!

    So does anyone know what could have happened?
  5. JakeDevoe

    Ideal enclosure for a rf?

    Here's a pic of them
  6. JakeDevoe

    Ideal enclosure for a rf?

    There are two, I believe a male and a female, they get along great btw. And they are about 5 inches long and 3 wide. And have slightly raised scutes, but nothing to be worried about. And I don't want to ever have to worry about it hence the thread.
  7. JakeDevoe

    Need help with ball python!

    Substrate is a mix between jungle mix and coconut fiber both recommended by an exotic pet breeder and the temperatures around the cage are about 69* F and in the cage around 75 but on the heat pads her sports are 93-95 defending on how much she moves the substrate. Her last shed was February 7th...
  8. JakeDevoe

    Ideal enclosure for a rf?

    Can y'all just post some pics of your ideal rf enclosures please! I need some ideas. And only indoor because my torts are to small to go outside.
  9. JakeDevoe

    Snake enclosure?

    Can I see some pictures of your snake enclosures? I want some ideas for my ball python. So whatever is ideal for an adult ball. I've heard terrariums aren't the best so if y'all have any better ones please post pics!
  10. JakeDevoe

    Need help with ball python!

    Her sub strait is around 4 inches thick and she does have a hide, not very humid but it's a hide with a heat pad and her substrate is around two inches there it is always on day and night. No lamp but another pad by the water bowl on the other side. I spray her terrarium twice a day so it's...
  11. JakeDevoe

    Need help with ball python!

    So my pastel ball python, around 2 ft long not very old has not been eating. Here some background I got her from pet smart which I know was not the best move but my cousin raised her there and made sure she was healthy because she was a reptile nerd as well. I've had her for about two years not...
  12. JakeDevoe

    Solomon island skink

    Does anyone know how I can adopt or rescue a monkey tailed skink? I want to adopt one or just get one from someone who can't keep it anymore instead of the thousands of dollars to buy one.
  13. JakeDevoe

    Monitor Rock Iguana or tegu?

    This feed is similar to the tegu or monitor but I wanted to know about keeping iguanas as pets too and I've heard the Rhino and Cuban Rock Iguana are easy and tame up easily I just wanted some info about price diet and space, size, were you can get one etc.
  14. JakeDevoe

    Good beginner snakes

    My first was a bp the best decision I ever made I love my Penelope!!!
  15. JakeDevoe

    Cuban rock iguanas

    Does anyone here own a Cuban rock iguana? If so I would love to see some pictures of them and the enclosure.
  16. JakeDevoe


    And if you have one feel free to post some pictures!!
  17. JakeDevoe


    So I've decided to get a uromastyx and I know there are like16 I think different species what do you guys recommend and are they good in pairs? And is a 45 gallon a good size for an enclosure?
  18. JakeDevoe

    Why won't they grow?

    Well you can't see gypsy but she is under the heat lamp