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  1. Jayme_3

    Am I feeding my sulcata hatchling enough?

    The photos I’ve attached are from yesterday. The first was around 9am the second around 6:30pm. And the third photo is for size reference. I did give him another big dandelion leaf after the second photo that he ate most of but there was a little leftover this morning. Should I be offering more...
  2. Jayme_3

    Mazuri tortoise diet

    I’ve seen many talk about feeding their tort Mazuri and read nothing but good things, but when I peaked at the ingredients listed on the back I couldn’t bring myself to buy it for my little one.. maybe I’m just being a crazy tort mom ? but I’m not sure soybean meal, rice flour, corn gluten meal...
  3. Jayme_3

    Keiko the Sulcata hatchling

    Help! I had been researching Leopard tortoises for some time now and decided that was the best fit for our family.. in my search for a leopard I found a post local to me that just had a photo of a little girl holding two hatchling with no information, just a phone number. I called to find out...