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  1. Radiata1971

    Looking for a 3-4 yr old female Radiated tortoise in Texas to go along w/ my 4 yr. old male Radiated.

    Looking for a 3-4 yr. old endoscoped Female Radiated tortoise to go with my 4 yr. old male high yellow Radiated tortoise, let me know how much your asking and please send me pics of what you have? Thanks~Mark
  2. Radiata1971

    Do male radiated make better pets?

    Thanks for the Reply Wellington :)
  3. Radiata1971

    Do male radiated make better pets?

    I had a 4 month old radiated male that I got from Tom Motlow out of Dallas Texas and sold him when he turned a year old and noticed he was a pretty Good captive radiata and would do the rain dance when under my water sprinkler, Now in 2017 I have a 5 month old Radiata temp sexed female from Jay...
  4. Radiata1971

    Does anybody know a Galop breeder in Tx?

    I was living in AZ a few years ago but nobody was breeding baby Galops when I lived there :( Now AZ,CA and Florida are the hotbed for baby Galops !!! Thanks~ Mark
  5. Radiata1971

    Comment by 'Radiata1971' in album 'Some of the tortoises'

    Hi Kelly I think I sold you Astor the male Radiated tortoise in your album, My name is Mark and I got him from the breeder Tom Motlow. :)