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  1. animalfreak


    Share pictures of your pets!! I have lots of birds in my house but this is MY bird, kora. It means companion in Australian which is where cockatiels are from :D This is Lexy, our 8 year old golden. (She just had a bath so she looks kinda chubs :) )
  2. animalfreak

    EBT eggs Update - HATCHING!! :)

    Oh my goodness they're so TINYYYY!!!!!!!!! That's super cute thanks for sharing! :D
  3. animalfreak

    Just hanging around! Hatchling and 1's

    Awwww they're so pretty and cute!
  4. animalfreak

    All those Diamondbacks in a row!

    Oh my goodness they're so cute! And I love the shell pattern very pretty!
  5. animalfreak


    Awe I love it!! It's so unique and cute!!!! I'm kinda jealous :P
  6. animalfreak

    Morgan enjoying a beautiful day.

    Oh my gosh he's SOOOOO ADORABLE!!!! The soaking pic got me!!!! He's like "ahhhh tough day"
  7. animalfreak

    Shocked and need advice

    Oh my gosh he/she is super cute!! I love how it stretched as far as it could for those yummy flowers! :D
  8. animalfreak

    BABY RUNT IS 4 POUNDS!!!!!!!

    Awe that's so cool!! She's so blessed to have you to care for her! She's a cutie!! Not sure on a name though....
  9. animalfreak

    We lost our little Taco today

    So sorry for your loss!! I know it's tough, and Taco won't be replaced, but it will get better trust me. I know :'( Don't best yourself up it only makes it worse, I've had that happen more than once and it's sad, but it does get better. So sorry...
  10. animalfreak

    Mervin, Mabel, Mio and Mickey

    Haha I'm sure that's what he was thinking! He looks so into it, it's hilarious!
  11. animalfreak

    I can't believe it! Rescue tortoise drinks after 2 years!

    Awe that's great!! Poor thing... But she's rescued and on the right path now! She's very blessed to have you ;)We need more people like this....
  12. animalfreak

    Was drug, kicking and screaming, into..

    Everyone loves A!! I think it's pretty, but I say B because it shows the full tortoise and it's more unique. But I also love C bc it's cute a funny! Although white cases aren't the best.... I would know :/
  13. animalfreak

    Mervin, Mabel, Mio and Mickey

    Awee! Super cute and gorgeous lil torts! Cute names! Micky sure is chowin down!
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    Awe! Charlie's a cutie! (Say in Australian accent) haha sorry I had to :P
  15. animalfreak

    Unidentified tortoise think he's a Greek

    Unidentified species Well it for sure isn't a sulcata... Looks kinda greekish :p sorry about your neighbor!
  16. animalfreak


    Wow very pretty! And super cuteee [hr] Wow very pretty! And super cuteee
  17. animalfreak

    Oh my! Rescue #28

    Awe that poor, innocent, beautiful creature!! I'm sure he's very grateful to have you! At least some people still care about animals... :( ((pretty Doberman!!!!)) <3 [hr] Awe that poor, innocent, beautiful creature!! I'm sure he's very grateful to have you! At least some people still care about...
  18. animalfreak

    very sad....Pio gone now

    I'm so sorry but I'm sure she's very happy! She looks like she's enjoying her treat!! I'm sorry about your hubby and son and you are for sure in my prayers! Keep your head high, there's a rainbow around the corner!
  19. animalfreak

    Look what I brought home...

    Oh. My. Goodness. Not only is that baby adorable its GORGEOUS!!!! <3 [hr] I jisheng commented but really I can't think to describe how cute it was. I wanted to just squeal.... A lot
  20. animalfreak

    Zoo torts

    The one on the far right resembles a sulcata shell... In the ft worth zoo they have Aldabra torts! I felt so smart knowing about them ;)