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  1. ckidd_1999

    Leopard Gecko

    Oh ok well could u describe the gecko? Because we don't want to give you information that could possibly harm the gecko
  2. ckidd_1999

    Leopard Gecko

    Both species have different requirements so could u possibly post a picture?
  3. ckidd_1999

    You know youve been bitten by the tortoise bug when...

    When all you do during class is think about how to make a super awesome outdoor enclosure for a tortoise you don't even have yet :P haha. I get in trouble for daydreaming a lot
  4. ckidd_1999

    Free tort table

    Yah pictures would be awesome
  5. ckidd_1999

    Best time to plant

    The packet just tells me tht type of mix it is and nothing else : /
  6. ckidd_1999

    Best time to plant

    I live in Southern California so it is usually warm here, but I have a whole bunch of seeds that I really want to plant. The seeds r a broadleaf mix from So Is it too late to plant them outside to grow or should I still try?
  7. ckidd_1999

    Leopard gecko help!!!

    They are super easy to care for and are the most rewarding in my eyes. I have a beautiful leusistic Leo and I love her so much.
  8. ckidd_1999

    Help! Don't know if this cactus is ok!

    Ok thank u everybody! U Hv defiantly given me some great info and I will be feeding my little guy this tomorrow for lunch! Thank u again
  9. ckidd_1999

    Help! Don't know if this cactus is ok!

    I found this pad growing in a field by my house so I took it and planted it. Now I want to feed it to my tort. What type of cactus is it, and is it safe to feed to my tortoise?
  10. ckidd_1999


    What's ur instagram username?
  11. ckidd_1999


    Hey y'all! I have an instagram account all about reptiles and it would be great if I could get some tort lovers to come follow me! My instagram is #ckreptiles
  12. ckidd_1999

    Backwater reptiles, good or bad

    So I have read a lot about them and some people say they are great and others say try are terrible. I want to buy some feeders for my gecko from them but don't know if I should. Soo anybody have any good or bad experiences with them????? I would like to know ASAP
  13. ckidd_1999

    Bearded dragon Vs. leopard geckos?

    What Tom said is perfect. Beardies are a tiny bit more to deal with because of the lighting and the larger cage. But it has always seemed to me that bearded dragons are much more acclimated to vein handled than a leopard gecko. I own a Leo and love her. I almost got a beardie but decided not to...
  14. ckidd_1999

    Hot day in winter :)

    I LOVE living in So Cal. It's alway warm and awesome!
  15. ckidd_1999

    Gunther, Tank, and Olly!

    Cute! I have an instagram dedicated to all reptiles. If u want to just follow @ckreptiles. I will only follow back if I know it's a person from the tortoise forum so either leave ur name here or put ur name on one of my pics. And really cool!
  16. ckidd_1999

    Coco coir or cypress mulch?

    I think I may try coco coir right now, and if its no good then I will change it for my tortoises next cage cleaning
  17. ckidd_1999

    Coco coir or cypress mulch?

    Iv always heard that both coco coir and cypress mulch are both good substrates for a Greek tortoise. Can I put both together in his enclosure or just choose one? Which is better?
  18. ckidd_1999

    Post Pictures of your Greeks?:D

    Heres my Greek milo. He's about a year old now. Sorry about the upside down pictures, I took the pics sideways and for some reason I can't flip them
  19. ckidd_1999


    Yah, I was lucky to find some here. Iv been looking around alot for it and finally found sone
  20. ckidd_1999


    Nope. I touched it carefully to see if it did and it don't have any at all. It was really smooth with a little tiny spine hear or there. I think I only found two spines on it [hr] And thank u Tom!