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  1. byles01

    Baby Sully

    Yep raise him inside just make sure you have the lighting you need and take him out as much as possible, I have a 4 year old that I raised inside and although now he goes out on his own as much as he wants on his own he still loves coming in and hanging out, actually he goes everywhere with me...
  2. byles01

    Am I keeping you up?

    The suspense is killing me, although I can't wrap my mind around a yawn being bad? Very cute though
  3. byles01

    Merlin again

  4. byles01

    Good tracking device...

    Lol that's great :)
  5. byles01

    Snapper Laying Eggs

    So cool great pic!
  6. byles01

    The shell

    Not in the time I have had him, now as a little guy, when he was kept in an enclosure he had a log he played in and on, but not sure if it woulda done that or not
  7. byles01

    The shell

    Not sunken at all , I can't feel a difference in the shell at all, and yea it's been there since he was a baby, but much smaller, they have grown with him
  8. byles01

    The shell

    Ok question, let me give u a quick background on Merlin , my 4 year old sulcata . Merlin was a rescue for me when he was just about 4 months old, he was a normal weight and growing eating well, but she'll wasn't perfect, not horrible but need some attention I guess, and with a few adjustments in...
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    New picture!

    Thumbs up!! She is fantastic
  10. byles01

    Enjoy these pics :))))

    Awe they r beautiful!!
  11. byles01

    Too lazy to move

  12. byles01

    Legion my beardie with my lady :)

  13. byles01

    tortoise room?

    thats about what im working with here, is a very large room, family room, thx for pics very cool btw
  14. byles01

    tortoise room?

    ok, so my wife and i have recently purchased a new house and for a change we are going to live in it rather then turn around and sell it, along with the new house comes my long awaited Reptile room, a room that i can design and dedicate to nothing more then but wounderful sulcata tort Merlin...
  15. byles01

    Happy hatchday Bowser!

    Happy hatchday Bowser!!!, glad to know im not the only one that celebrates my little guys day lol.