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  1. Alexio

    Solarmeter 6.5

    Also taking reasonable offers
  2. Alexio

    Solarmeter 6.5

    I am selling my solarmeter model 6.5 UV index. Works perfectly. only used a few times. Asking 200. Can ship . Email me at [email protected]
  3. Alexio

    Female Leopard Tortoise

    I have a 3 year old female leopard tortoise for sale. Shes about 5 lbs and about 7 in long. She was raised by herself in a high humidity enviorment on a diet of high fiber leafy greens. She has slight pyramiding from before i got her but all of her growth has come in smooth, and i imagine when...
  4. Alexio

    Hay Or Moss?

    You might not really need hay or moss. Are you using it for the look or are you using it as a substrate of some kind?
  5. Alexio

    Managing heat and humidity

    Definitely not , but you can just cut a long thin hole for where the light bar would shine through. Or mount it inside
  6. Alexio

    Managing heat and humidity

    It's more about the distance between the tortoise and the light and it depends on the type of bulb
  7. Alexio

    How far away should I place this light

    What brand is the MVB?
  8. Alexio

    Managing heat and humidity

    I would say it works better and is less expensive. I have done the plexiglass thing and it's a constant nightmare of shifting and shifting. It's also pricy. I personally would also worry about the wood in your enclosure molding when you actually bring the humidity up to 80-90%. It is also a pain...
  9. Alexio

    Does Anyone Have Experience with Zoo Med Timers?

    I have that one and it works okay but like mentioned is is loud. These timers are rated for a certain number of watts. What do you have plugged into the timer. Like total wattages of all lights?
  10. Alexio

    Why such a premium for albinism?

    I would say it's largely a combination of the first two answers. Tom is right when he says prices are determined by supply and demand. It's hard to gauge what the demand for different albino tortoises is but it's much easier to look at the supply side. Just for some genetic fun ( in case...
  11. Alexio

    Managing heat and humidity

    To be really honest the amount of work and money your going to have to continue to sink in to this project to make it work is going to be daunting. I would suggest starting over. Go to a few store like lows home Depot and Walmart and find a container 3 ft long and a foot or two wide. This will...
  12. Alexio

    Do you have pet health insurance?

    I got a letter from my insurance company about a month ago saying they offer pet insurance. On the paper they sent it only mentioned if you had a dog or cat you could get it insured. I was thinking about signing up too, I have one tortoise but so many snakes. It would really be worth it it you...
  13. Alexio

    Tortoises and snake mites

    I have a tortoise in my heated room with the reptiles, but the mites seemed to be in the other room where I had my QT snakes, where I don't have any tortoises. The problem with snake mites is that they can go airborne in their early life cycle stages so they can float if you will around a room...
  14. Alexio

    Tortoises and snake mites

    Thank you, currently I am using Provent-a-mite to treat enclosures and Reptile relief on the actual snakes. Provent a mite can't be sprayed directly on to snakes but it can be sprayed onto tortoises. (For some reason). The only problem with using the provent a mite on the substrate is the...
  15. Alexio

    Tortoises and snake mites

    Has anyone ever personally owned or knew directly a person who had a tortoise get snake mites? In this case I know a few of my new snakes in quarentine do/ did have mites. I am worried about them spreading to my leopard tortoise enclosure. But I am also somewhat uncertain if a tortoise can...
  16. Alexio

    Uvb meters

    Not really, unfortunately the only reliable ones are very pricy. I have one and I will say the tubes only last about 3-6 months before they need to be replaced. Same with powers suns. I only use the mega Ray's because they put out great uvb even a year later. Perhaps a local exotic pet store...
  17. Alexio

    Enclosure sealant

    It's super light and very easy to clean I can lift the whole thing pretty easily and it's a 4x2x2. Just kinda large and awkward but not heavy.
  18. Alexio

    Enclosure sealant

    Awesome this is kind of what I was thinking , I'm glad I held off a little on it.
  19. Alexio

    What type of tortoise?

    Where do you live?
  20. Alexio

    Enclosure sealant

    This is the link to the page for the PVC board. It is in my opinion the best longest lasting building material for enclosures. Your friend has shared a link to a Home Depot product they think you would be interested in seeing. 1/2 in. x 48 in. x 8 ft. White PVC Trim...