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  1. saginawhxc

    Sulcata Closed Chamber Build

    I highly recommend a kreg jig to anyone looking to build simple pieces of furniture like this. It's a cheap $30 tool, but it will greatly increase the average persons ability to build a solid piece of furniture. Good job.
  2. saginawhxc

    For Those Who Have a Young Sulcata...

    I apologize if this has been brought up before, but I see two things on your good weeds list that I thought were items to be avoided. Aren't wild onions and wild garlic both from the allium family, and isn't anything of that sort supposed to be avoided? I recently told someone to avoid them...
  3. saginawhxc

    feeding my tort

    I couldn't imagine not feeding my tortoise every day.
  4. saginawhxc

    We weren't expecting that on the end of the line...

    Good job removing the hook!
  5. saginawhxc

    We weren't expecting that on the end of the line...

    Not my picture, but a few months ago this was shared to a few snapping turtle groups I belong to.
  6. saginawhxc

    Does diet contribute to pyramiding.

    Even if genetics plays a part, I don't think it's pyramiding itself that is genetic, but maybe just succeptabilty to pyramiding. Lets put it this way. It isn't the fact that many people in my family have heart disease that puts me at risk, it's the likelihood that there is something in my...
  7. saginawhxc

    The Mr T Experience

    Mr T has continued to be a fairly shy tortoise, but I recently moved him to his 400 square foot outdoor enclosure, with 64 square foot of indoor space to retreat to at night and on rainy days, so for the first time he is living outdoors full time. With that move happening he seems to be getting...
  8. saginawhxc

    Hello! My tortoise story.

    Welcome to the forum. That is a wonderful garage sale pick up there. I spend a bit of time every year down in the Cincinnati area.
  9. saginawhxc

    The Mr T Experience

    Okay, so apparently my scale is busted and I need a new one. Every single time I turn the scale on or off I get a drastically different reading. So no weight updates till I get a new one. He has a small temporary pen set up so he can spend his days outside, and I'm busy building the new...
  10. saginawhxc

    If the Gallery Ain't Working

    Tortoise tax! I love it. Nice pics too!
  11. saginawhxc

    If the Gallery Ain't Working

    I think it's kind of funny that a gallery thread has become a photography thread. Here is a random picture I took with my phone, just so I can continue to pretend this is still about tortoises...
  12. saginawhxc

    If the Gallery Ain't Working

    Yeah the whole subscription thing is kind of a pain, but it's only $10 a month, gives you both photoshop and lightroom, and you never have to buy a new edition of either. Much better than the old days of coughing up $600 every few years for the latest edition of photoshop.
  13. saginawhxc

    If the Gallery Ain't Working

    No, those are simply black and white photos. Yeah, Lightroom is made by Adobe (Photoshop) and it is hands down the best program for light simple edits and for cataloging.
  14. saginawhxc

    If the Gallery Ain't Working

    I've never shot IR in my life, so no real advice to give. Sorry. I'm assuming longer exposures though. And editing goes a long long way. Once upon a time dodging and burning was quite a process. Now I can pull a photo up in Lightroom and lighten shadows, darken bright spots, increase...
  15. saginawhxc

    Growth of Toro, February 2016 Sulcata Tortoise. (Big File Size Alert!!)

    Wow, my prediction of 625g looks awful. This time I predict 680g...
  16. saginawhxc

    Confusion: Feeding hay to sulcata babies ?

    For my little guy I use the pure hay pellets made for horses, but I rehydrate them and mix them into his greens. Once rehydrated they get nice and mushy like Mazuri does and mix into the greens nice and easy. Sometimes he tries to eat around the hay, but then somedays he seems to seek out the...