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  1. Shorty


    For a Russian tortoise, when you soak them, I usually soak every other day (maybe every couple days); do you warm the water? Also, how long do you leave them soaking?
  2. Shorty


    I have had mixed reviews... I named him Petie because I think Male (due to longer tail with a scale at the end) but I would like to know for sure... Here is the best photo... He likes to keep his talk tucked in most the time and I cannot get a picture of it. He is a Russian
  3. Shorty

    CE heat sources

    Ahhh that makes more sense... I was thinking it was the sticky heat pads...
  4. Shorty

    CE heat sources

    I am a little confused. It was recremended here not to use RHP matts as they can potentially burn the tortoise so I've been leaving mine off ? I usually keep his terrarium around 80° on the hot side and 72-78° on the cool side but I notice he gravitates to the cooler side always. When he was...
  5. Shorty

    CE heat sources

    Can someone explain to me what it means to have a CE heat source vrs a red lightbulb heat source? I understand the red light bothers their eyes and can lead to health concerns but I am confused to what CE is... Is it referring to the ceramic coil heat sources?? Are those better?? This is for...
  6. Shorty

    Recomended Heat Light Source

    What is CHE?? I think he is a male because i looked at his tail... It's a bit longer with a scale at the end of it, so I compared it to some pics online and kinda went from there.. I am a newer tort parent so I'm open to suggestions... I will try to get better pics of him and his tail today...
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    Recomended Heat Light Source

    This is Petie
  8. Shorty

    Recomended Heat Light Source

    Petie is a Russian Tortise, been told he is closer to an adult, he is roughly about 5-6"... I have his basking area this would be to add heat to his enclosure. It's been getting down into the 30s-40s at night in our area.. he is indoors but the temp still is around 60° so this would be for...
  9. Shorty

    Recomended Heat Light Source

    I need to look for a heat light/lamp for my Petie.. I know red bulbs are a no go.... I was wondering if this is the coil lamp that everyone is talking about?
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    Leaving My Tort Alone.

    Do you have a friend or a neighbor you trust to come visit your tort while youre away??
  11. Shorty

    Not eating...

    Hello everyone! Recently over the past few weeks I have noticed Petie to reduce the amount he is eating daily and he is not as active as he was when the weather was warmer. He lives indoors and his terrium stays around 70-72° on the cool side and around 85-88° on the warmer side (anything...
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    Cali Fires

    I'm rocking the same boat.. we are smack dab in the middle of fires and power outages.... Please stay safe where you're at!!
  13. Shorty

    Walnut tree...

    Ok a little bit of humor... I was checking out your posts looking to see the suggestions (yes kinda being nosey).... But here is a "suggested add" that my phone randomly selected at the bottom of all the replies.. I couldn't help but laugh... Hope it offers you a chuckle too
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    Tortoise sanctuary

    In my area, we have a Tortoise club that can offer advice,or put you in contactwith adoptions or fostering:
  15. Shorty

    Is he growing??

    Thanks! I'm trying my best!! Love him lots!!
  16. Shorty

    Is he growing??

    Just curious... Petie is a rescue... Since we've gotten him he's developed a ring around his shell... Almost like new "age" rings or something... But some one here told me he is full grown... So I'm a bit concerned... Is he still growing?? (Pics were taken just after I soaked him... Man he poops...
  17. Shorty

    Sad News

    Can you be anymore mean?? I believe her heart felt message and I am thankful she was a RESPONSIBLE pet owner and found a new loving home. At least she didn't just throw Pickle to the wayside and let him roam away (as in how I found my Tort). Try to have a little more compassion for someone...
  18. Shorty

    Family vacations

    My husband and I are beginning to plan our first vacation since adopting Petie. We usually board our cats at the vet but are baffled as to what to do with Petie. We do not leave for longer than 3-4 days. What are y'all plans for your torts when you take a vacation?
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    Not enough care

    Hello! I am new owner myself and by NO means an expert. I also own a Russian Tort named Petie... One thing I have learned recently is to soak him every other day at MAX!! One time I went close to a week and after seeing how much he pooped swore I would NEVER wait that long again...
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    ummm am not quite sure... He was a rescue that was found walking around.....