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  1. theresal

    Marginated tort owners.

    I have one adult male margie and a few from hatchling to yearling in size with hopes to find a female to breed with my male. I just got all of mine this year but have been wanting them for several years.
  2. theresal

    Male or female?

    I'm glad you got him! Now, he can be given a chance to run around instead of being in a tank his whole life. Great job! His beak looks pretty good too :-)
  3. theresal

    African Tortoise needs re-homing

    This is the best type of adoption thread to read! I'm so glad you found his owner.
  4. theresal

    Is this shell rot

    I can't really tell from the picture. Does any of the shell in the white areas feel soft and come off when you touch it? If it comes off, its shell rot. If I remember correctly, the book by Amanda Ebenheck recommends scrubbing shell rot with Novalsan once then applying athlete's foot cream so...
  5. theresal

    Redfoots Groups!

    I have a group of red foots. They all live pretty harmoniously together. I have 4 males and 5 females ranging from 9-12" so I have more males than I should but they get along. Each time you add one the dynamics of the group change or pecking order if you will. Last year, I got a foster male...
  6. theresal

    Free Leopard Tortoise

    I live in the New Orleans area. I would love to take Leonardo. I sent you a message on your profile.
  7. theresal

    If you text me, I can send you some pics of my set ups

    If you text me, I can send you some pics of my set ups
  8. theresal

    Hi Critta, I would be interested in taking him. I live in Terrytown on the Westbank. I have...

    Hi Critta, I would be interested in taking him. I live in Terrytown on the Westbank. I have outdoor enclosures with heated night boxes. You are welcome to come see our setups. I would need to build him a new area. I'm i Destin right now but will be home on Saturday. If you want to call, I...
  9. theresal

    ISO adult sulcata

    I have gotten rescues from Terese and also have sent friends her way. Each one that we have gotten has been in good health, so I would recommend her to you for adoption of sulcatas. Good luck finding your new shelled babies!
  10. theresal

    Elongated female

    That was really sweet! Thank you!
  11. theresal

    Anyone work with elongated tortoises?

    Did you ever decide to get one? Or did you go with something else?
  12. theresal

    WC FL Elongated - just a moment ago...

    That baby is gorgoeus! I'm glad you found it before the raccoon.
  13. theresal

    Elongated female

    Hi, I am looking for female elongated tortoises. I do not want fresh WC or pairs unless the male is exceptional. Price I will pay depends on the size you have to offer. Please send me a pm. Thanks for looking! Theresa
  14. theresal

    Female Russian-Wellington, FL

    Glad you found a local home.
  15. theresal

    Female Russian-Wellington, FL

    I vote for Jennifer. She has some of the Russians that I rescued. She is a good tort Mom and her tortoises get treated like royalty. If they need a Vet. visit she takes them in. Good luck with whoever you choose!
  16. theresal

    1,000,000 Posts!!!

    Thank you @lvstorts for being there to lend an ear when I have questions about rescues and thanks for all the torts you help and rescue. And a special thanks for my 2 big red foot girls. Thank you @Jennifer Brewer for being one of my local tortoise keeper friends that I can rely on day or night...
  17. theresal

    overstocked inventory thread for anybody to use...

    I'm interested in 2 of the Diatomaceous earth. I can Paypal you the cost of shipping.
  18. theresal

    ISO: yearling redfoot(s)

    Look up Ivstorts on the forum. She has Northwest Tortoise if you want to google the website. She sells yearling red foots and takes good care to make sure they are thriving before she sells them. I got a couple of rescues from her in the past. Good luck with starting your herd. I have 12...
  19. theresal

    This place is hopping! (Quite un-tortoise-like!)

    Welcome to the Forum!
  20. theresal

    Leo the Leopard Tortoise!

    Welcome to the Forum!