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  1. MEEJogja

    MEE with MEP plastron?

    Your setup looks very natural, well done @Haydar Kurniawan Very interesting re: the plastron... I have only ever seen one or two MEPs come up for sale in Indonesia and they have been extortionate so I agree it's very unlikely to be an imported MEP that accidentally made its way into the supply...
  2. MEEJogja

    Growth after malnutrition

    Hi @Elka Mars, I'm not sure about them growing faster to make up for years of malnutrition, although behaviourally they may be eating more due to previously having an inconsistent supply. How big is your tort length and weight wise? At 20 years old it should be fully grown really. I found...
  3. MEEJogja

    Calcium Rich Tortoise Food

    I think it would be good @Yvonne G to give an indication of how many portions this is. That seems like a very concentrated recipe which could be easily over-done depending on the type of tortoise. Mine could probably eat that volume of food in one sitting but I would not want to give them 4...
  4. MEEJogja

    Source for feed snails?

    I recently set up a ' paludarium' - it's a waterfall flowing into a small aquarium. I'm not that keen on keeping fish so it's more for the plants. Anyway, I bought 4 rabbit snails as they are relatively local and interesting. There must have been a few hitchhiking snail eggs on the aquatic...
  5. MEEJogja

    Manouria Emys not eating

    Thank you Sarah, I should have mentioned that this happened a day after my second post... Several weeks ago now. I was negligent but not that negligent.
  6. MEEJogja

    Manouria Emys not eating

    So this ended tragically. She was not gravid. That was, in my opinion, a very lazy diagnosis by the vet in the first instance and ultimately led to her death. It was chelonian herpesvirus. Apart from not eating, she was otherwise behaving normally. She was active and moving from one area of...
  7. MEEJogja

    Manouria Emys not eating

    Thanks for your replies! This is her at present. Excuse the dirty water, I normally drain and scrub it each morning but she was in there this morning and I'm trying not to disturb her as much as possible. She moves around the enclosure and likes to hide in piles of stuff which I would normally...
  8. MEEJogja

    Manouria Emys not eating

    Hi everyone, I need some advice. Around a month ago our biggest, female tortoise Feti started acting strangely. She became moody, stopped eating and started spending every night soaking. We have seen her go from 25cm to over 40cm over the years and she is very beloved to us. Initially she...
  9. MEEJogja

    Tortoises don't have much variety

    Are you saying they survived being fed only kale once per week for 20 years? That is remarkable resilience but they were definitely not thriving!
  10. MEEJogja

    MEP Aretha

    Those growth lines are spectacular Jamie. So clean and uniform! Just be glad you can tip the human scale turds out, and you don't need to try and seperate it from the orchid bark ;)
  11. MEEJogja

    Is this enough to conclude he is a she?

    I thought I would come back and update this thread. I have no idea what that was all about. It lasted many weeks and then subsided. Time will tell if that was practice nest building or not I suppose.
  12. MEEJogja

    New MEE!

    Great job on the pond! It will get super dirty very quick though, so be sure to have some way of emptying and refilling it. You have put 7000 X more effort into that enclosure than most people here, so it's nice to see you plan on taking care of it. I will not mention the legality of it or the...
  13. MEEJogja

    Would anyone use and contribute to an opensourced "Tortoise table" like database

    As someone who is very good at setting up systems and then leaving them to go unmaintained, I would suggest having a discussion with the tortoise table people. It sounds like what you're after could be achieved by an addition to their traffic light system for user contributions. Blue =...
  14. MEEJogja

    Heosemys spinosa keeping

    I don't know him personally, but here's the video about the spinosa breeding venture going badly wrong.
  15. MEEJogja

    Fixing cracked eggs?

    I remember once seeing something by @hermanichris where he used spray on plaster (bandaid) from the pharmacy to great success.
  16. MEEJogja

    Oiling the shell

    I find coconut oil is better for highlighting new shell growth than if they are just wet. I do it every few months to keep track of their progress, rubbing it in with an old sponge as they eat, but as they like to walk around in the rain they are back to their normal dull selves in a few days.
  17. MEEJogja

    Is this enough to conclude he is a she?

    I have seen you mention that before @Yvonne G - is that a concerted effort over a number of days? This is the first time any of them have done anything like this, and the activity went on for up to 12 hours a day for almost a week.
  18. MEEJogja

    Is this enough to conclude he is a she?

    This is a very long video... I diligently trauled through days of cctv footage, but now at 3am I haven't got it in me to compile it in a meaningful way. It does highlight just how many hours Bejo spent on this endeavour over many days. I believe this to be practice nest building (which I have...
  19. MEEJogja

    Adult enclosure size

    Right, I was suggesting small groups, rather than 20 in one enclosure as some do for breeding operations. You have a very large amount of space for a single enclosure. With several hides, and much vegetation and water, I can tell you that 3 would be very comfortable, more if you desire. I have...
  20. MEEJogja

    Adult enclosure size

    That is a very large single enclosure. MEE are not particularly aggressive species and others do well with large groups housed together, including multiple males. If your aim is breeding however you should consider splitting the enclosure up and keeping them in smaller groups of say 2 females...