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  1. Nicole M

    Hey! It's Nicole's Birthday!!!

    Thanks, everyone! It was a good one. Spent at home with my animals :) little Jezebel got to show down on a little extra radicchio and squash (her favorites). I always love seeing how excited she gets! Hahaha
  2. Nicole M

    Red marks on shell

    I hear you! I just remember other members in Egypt saying that exotic vets were very hard to find.
  3. Nicole M

    Red marks on shell

    My apologies--I'd missed that you were in Egypt.
  4. Nicole M

    Red marks on shell

    You don't have an exotic animal vet anywhere within driving distance? Where do you live? Someone here may know of a vet near you. Those marks are extremely concerning, and at this point, the tortoise really needs professional care.
  5. Nicole M

    Shell advice

    Could you please upload some pictures of the shell? It's difficult to give good advice if we can't see what you're talking about! :)
  6. Nicole M

    March 23rd Birthday:

    Thank you so much, everyone! <3 Spending the day with my animals. :) They've all been very thoughtful! Especially my baby leachie, who pooped in my hand this morning as a birthday gift. Hahahahaha
  7. Nicole M

    Can I keep a baby and an adult Hermanns tortoise together?

    Very true! I forgot to mention that. Thank you, cmac3!
  8. Nicole M

    Can I keep a baby and an adult Hermanns tortoise together?

    Two tortoises should never be kept together--what you're talking about are groups of at least 3-4 torts kept in large enclosures with plenty of sight barriers. Two will simply take all their aggression out of one another, while with more, any aggression would at least be more distributed rather...
  9. Nicole M


    What a rough year... Wishing you well!
  10. Nicole M

    Blue Tongue Skink

    I agree re: bone dry substrates. I bought aspen mainly because it would be easy for a baby to burrow in, but as soon as I'm done with this bag I'll be switching over to something that holds moisture better. I worry about the sustainability of cypress mulch, though. I'll check out the coco...
  11. Nicole M

    Blue Tongue Skink

    Oh boy--the placement of those photos appear messed up on my phone... alas.
  12. Nicole M

    Blue Tongue Skink

    I've had a rough few months and have been pretty absent from the forum--but hello! I have a Northern from Jeff Greene ( @JeffG ) and absolutely love mine! If you're planning to get a baby, you'll pretty much have to wait until summer (June/July) for babies to be sold. I highly recommend Jeff...
  13. Nicole M

    Caramel albino redfoot

    Hahaha, that's a great way of putting it!
  14. Nicole M

    Caramel albino redfoot

    Pyramiding is never really "reversible," but with proper care you can assure that new new growth will be smooth. With the smooth new growth, the older pyramiding belongs to look less and less severe.
  15. Nicole M

    BTS species and breeder help!

    Thank you so much! This is extremely helpful. Seeing your posts here (and knowing your standards for keeping and breeding), a recommendation from you means a lot! I'll send him a message now.
  16. Nicole M

    Russian Roulette Roadway Rescue...

    So happy you found this little guy! He sure is cute.
  17. Nicole M

    BTS species and breeder help!

    So... I've completely fallen in love with blue tongue skinks. I don't know how I've only just noticed them! Of course there are personality differences in individuals of any species, but for those with BTS experience, what would you consider to be the tamest BTS species? From what I've...
  18. Nicole M

    Stinging Nettle

    I'm one of those people... My Russian decides to use it for shade when she's romping around our little yard, and I'm the one who eventually has to get her out. The first time, I didn't even notice the kind of plant she was under, and my hand was a total mess x/
  19. Nicole M

    Can I Feed Spineless Cactus to my Russian Tortoise?

    You should be fine with those pads! Oxalate is really exaggerated as a threat to tortoise health, from what I understand... As long as your tortoise is well-hydrated and has a good (high fiber, low protein) varied diet, you're golden!
  20. Nicole M

    New soon-to-be Indian Star owner looking for advice!

    Hello and welcome to the forum! Congrats on your soon-to-be babies. :) I don't keep stars, but from what I've read here, hatchling star care is much like that of baby sulcatas. I will advise you to keep them separated. Tortoises are solitary, territorial animals and only do well in groups...