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  1. dannel

    Enclosure and other questions

    A member here (@lynnedit) used something like this to connect 2 totes together. Edit: I didnt see there were 2 pages to this thread :P
  2. dannel

    Pool, or no pool?

    Is aquarium gravel all right to use?
  3. dannel

    Pool, or no pool?

    Also would I be OK using pebbles, (about the size of large aquarium gravel) as the bottom? I would think that the boxie wouldnt be on the bottom too much for it to cause an impaction issue.
  4. dannel

    Pool, or no pool?

    For a box turtle. I would be using a 30" x 20" enclosure until it grows up a bit.
  5. dannel

    Pool, or no pool?

    Hello. I was wondering if it would be beneficial to do something like this in a yearling's tank? A large land area with a smaller pool of water. Thoughts?
  6. dannel

    freezing up

    I dont experience any issues here.
  7. dannel

    Baby pics...

    You dont worry about them not being able to get out?
  8. dannel

    Baby pics...

    Thanks for the pics! How do you keep your baby boxies heads out of the water? (How do you make it more shallow)
  9. dannel

    Air flow question

    I had this worry in the past, and then @Tom reassured me that this isn't a problem. Between you opening the enclosure to feed, soak, and change the water; there is a sufficient amount of air flow. If they can last for a day in a box for shipping, they can last a day in a large enclosure until...
  10. dannel

    ID Please

    I've never seen anything like this in my life.
  11. dannel


    What plants are you using?
  12. dannel


    Great enclosure! I'll be waiting for pics :)
  13. dannel

    is two male hatchlings in one table bad????

    Agreed. Better to keep them separate so they are not constantly stressing.
  14. dannel

    Boxie Hatchling Care

    So do boxie hatchlings need a temp gradient and humidity gradient? BTW @terryo what are your temps/humidity in those enclosures, and what plants do you use?
  15. dannel

    Confused about lamps help

    Mind telling me what his eating habits have been, if you have been giving him calcium, etc.
  16. dannel

    Creeping Thyme?

    Is it alright to plant creeping thyme, as well as basil, rosemary, etc. in an enclosure for a box turtle?
  17. dannel

    Help needed with extremely ill tort, please help

    You can replace it with a "tube" type flourescent. This is what I use.
  18. dannel

    Help needed with extremely ill tort, please help

    I'd get rid of that coil bulb. Its known to cause eye problems in torts.
  19. dannel

    Pretend Chat 2.14

    Desperately trying to drain my flooded basement. Stupid rain. :mad:
  20. dannel

    Russian doesn't like red, orange or yellow

    Thanks! Unfortunately he's not mine :'(