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    hey berkley if you still have your adult 3toeds for sale please feel free to text me...

    hey berkley if you still have your adult 3toeds for sale please feel free to text me 412.992.8901. thanks! sean
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    Box turtle hatchlings for adoption

    hey there! if you change your mind re: shipping i am looking for some three toeds. i have 5 right now and eventually want a group of 8 or so total. feel free to text. sean. 412.992.8901. thanks!
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    ornate boxie group 3 males 1 female - 550 plus shipping

    great bonded group will not split very mature males 5 year old female great health good eaters $550 plus shipping text sean at 412.992.8901
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    sri lankan star brothers - 2 years old - $1400 for pair plus shipping

    looking for the right home for these guys captive bred off to a great start great star patterns bonded brothers 2 years old text sean at 412.992.8901
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    awesome sri lankan stars - 2 year old bonded brothers - $1500.00 plus shipping for pair

    awesome stars well started text to connect 412.992.8901
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    2 sri lankan stars - 2 years old - beautiful well started shells $1500 plus shipping

    awesome little ones healthy great eaters great shell development 2 years old want to keep together so will not split up price plus shipping is firm text 412.882.8901 or email [email protected] not on fauna a lot
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    4 ornate boxie group - 3 mature males/1 juvenile female $625 plus shippin

    a wonderful group of ornates males are easily 15 plus years old great breeders w stellar eyes female is 5 years old pale and beautiful $625 plus shipping - firm non negotiable [email protected]
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    2 beautiful well started star brothers $850 plus shipping

    beautiful juvies hatched nov 2012 good eaters great health $850 plus shipping (non negotiable) will not separate have been together since hatching previous star experience a must [email protected]
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    a small herd of ornates (3 mature males, 1 5 year old female) $650 plus shipping

    Hello Tortoise Forum Members! I have 4 really wonderful ornate box turtles (3 males and 1 female) for sale. Males are at least 15 years old each and female is about 5 or so. Would like to keep as a group. $650 plus shipping. [email protected]
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    two beautiful star tortoises juvie brothers - 1.5 years old $875 plus shipping

    Hello Tortoise Forum! I have two really well started lil star tortoises who have been together since hatching in November 2012. Well started, good eaters, beautiful star patterns emerging. Experienced keepers please. $875.00 for both plus shipping [email protected]
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    Reposting with better pics :) Two wonderful star tortoise brother juvies 1.5 years old gentle, good eaters, good health 950 plus shipping [email protected]
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    male/female mature pancake tortoise pair $550 plus shipping

    a really great, adult, mature bonded pair of pancake tortoises for rehoming good eaters, great weight, stellar shells $550.00 for the pair plus shipping will not split as they have been together for years [email protected]
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    Will need advice fast...

    you're a godsend to these two little dudes. what bad shape they're in - especially the one! :( check out if you haven't already. i would be so very tempted to tell the teacher that they both unfortunately died and leave it at that. these guys are far better off with you!
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    Baby boxie basics

    my question would be how old are your babies? for the first several months of life, babie boxies are decently aquatic. when raising my hatchlings, i start them out in a container that has a mix of freshwater and moss in it, elevating one end so they can clib out/dry/sun if they want. this...
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    I would honestly raise your turtles inside. I live in the city and the racoons here are pretty tenacious and always hungry. Even though I have a small yard that I would love to convert into a turtle sanctuary, the risk for me is just too great.
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    Box turtle acting weird sitting in water all day

    i've seen this behavior run the range in my turtles. sometimes it's just nothing and sometimes its indicative of illness. warming up your little guy will help if it's an illness. you may also want to warm soak him for a few days. i'd give it 2 - 3 days and then be off to the bet. fingers...
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    new boxie ID

    definitely a sweet (and probably fiesty) ornate. the shell does look like its showing some mbd. check out for the best ways to house/feed/care. if you post a pic of the underside/tail, am sure we can help you determine gender.
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    getting new baby stars on tues - so excited! need set up advice!

    Thanks so much CL! :tort::D [hr] Thanks so much! Am nervous but all of this info is helpful!! :) Hope yours grow up beautifully! :)
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    getting new baby stars on tues - so excited! need set up advice!

    Greatly appreciated and easy to follow! :tort::)