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  1. jobeanator

    Possible egg infertility

    Congrats! I'm hoping that could be my issue- as I have experienced this before with other species also. My group has laid multiple clutches with no fertile eggs. Usually, spring/summer time breeding ramps up, and i should get many clutches. I hope you have continued success! -joby
  2. jobeanator

    Possible egg infertility

    The tortoises are not related, as they were all imports years and years ago. As I stated in my first post these eggs were laid on 12/19/21. Do you think it's too late to cover the eggs now?
  3. jobeanator

    Possible egg infertility

    Hello- I have questions I am hoping some keepers that have had similar experiences I have encountered. I currently have a 3.8 group of redfoots that I acquired 2 years ago. The first year with the group, I had many signs of breeding but no eggs or anything. The last year till present breeding...
  4. jobeanator

    Hey, Joby: Where the Heck Are You?

    Hey everybody! Sorry for the delay thank you all for the birthday wishes!
  5. jobeanator

    Happy Birthday, Joby!

    Thank you all for the wishes!
  6. jobeanator

    Enclosures for spring

    Its been a looooong time since I have posted in here- so I thought I'd share with everyone some of my enclosures for my groups. All my enclosures are encompassed by a fence and a gate. I also have security cameras on each enclosure to monitor my groups. My first enclosure use to have an old...
  7. jobeanator

    Congrats!! It's Joby's Birthday!!!

    Thanks so Much, sorry for the delay!
  8. jobeanator

    Yucatan Box Turtle (Terrapene mexicana yucatana)

    I'd be curious to talk to/see who keeps and/or breeds Yucatan box turtles in captivity. If there is anyone in tortoise forum land, please contact me. I'd also be interested in seeing enclosures inside and outside, diet, anything honestly. Information is very minuscule and lacking with this...
  9. jobeanator

    Looking for some chelonian books for christmas

    Hey everyone, First off I hope this is an adequate place to post this thread. I have essentially looked from top to bottom for "The Biology and Status of the Star Tortoise (Geochelone elegans) in Sri Lanka." I know that this book is now out of print, and I can only hope someone possible has one...
  10. jobeanator

    Haha, that's awesome but yeah my real name is Joby. A lot of people think it's made up, but nah...

    Haha, that's awesome but yeah my real name is Joby. A lot of people think it's made up, but nah it's real haha.
  11. jobeanator

    My simplistic enclosures

    I forgot to mention that the egyptians I purchased :D
  12. jobeanator

    My simplistic enclosures

    Currently its tortoises that have been given to me from people not wanting them anymore, or dropped off at my door. I have a male redfoot, some greek tortoises, and an sri lankan star. The only group I currently have right now is some Egyptians I keep strictly inside.
  13. jobeanator

    My simplistic enclosures

    I have not posted unfortunately on here (sorry!) in a long time. I thought I'd share my enclosures now my plants have bloomed and taken off. The species of plants I have in each enclosure are hostas, spirea, hibiscus, and maiden grass. Most are simple but the species I keep enjoy it. -Joby
  14. jobeanator

    Looking for black Greek tortoises

    I am currently looking for black Greek tortoises adults. Feel free to message me on here or at my email [email protected]
  15. jobeanator

    My new enclosures

    haha, yeah I live on the lake feel free to move in :) more the merrier bring tortoises!
  16. jobeanator

    My new enclosures

    Well here's what I've done with the enclosures so far. I've built each enclosure to be 8'x8' and stacked 4 timbers to be around a foot or so in height. I used 3 1/4" lag bolts to keep them together. Here's some pics of what is done.
  17. jobeanator

    My new enclosures

    I plan on stacking the timber 4-5 timbers high which should be around a foot or more high. I plan on putting some juvenile stars and some species of Greeks in another.
  18. jobeanator

    My new enclosures

    It's been forever since I've posted on here so I thought I'd share what I'm doing now.I've decided to finally build new enclosures for some of my tortoises and thought I'd share steps of the way to building. The pictures are just my beginning so far but the enclosures will be 8'x24' and each...
  19. jobeanator

    Best kind of wood for outdoor enclosures? These are what i use, landscape timbers from lowes. They hold up pretty well and isn't too expensive. I also use used materials such as old waterbed frames.
  20. jobeanator

    Redfoot enclosure assembled for less than $50

    thanks! it seems like its been too long. I aim to bring my knowledge back to tortoise forum!