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    For what it's worth...mine won't touch least the species I have growing in the yard...
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    My mom's tortoise seems unhappy to me

    It's good that your Mom is open to suggestions. I think the plastic wading pool is a good idea. This is an older animal it doesn't need a closed chamber anymore. What damage has occurred can't be undone, you can only try and improve the situation for the animals from here on in. The peat...
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    Unique sulcata rescue

    Hahaha! What a good idea though. I never would have thought to use undies to hold the diaper on with! :D Regardless, I'm sure he'll be happier going commando...
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    Getting african grey parrot

    I have not clipped any freshly weaned young birds myself. However, our white-capped pionus (from a breeder) and the budgie (from the bulk-budgie bin at the pet store) were clipped when we got them. Both learned to fly after their feathers grew back in. The cockatiel (hand-reared, but from the...
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    Tank Decorations

    Depends on the kind of tree it came from... Most woods are fine. Some are toxic.
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    Terra cotta bowls

    I thought part of the point of using real terra cotta was that it provides a rough surface - which helps keep the beak trimmed and provides traction.
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    Getting african grey parrot

    Everything is controversial! Just somethings more so than others. I have seen many people doing everything 'wrong' (with a lot of pet care, and other endeavors) and ending up with a great situation, and I have seen people do everything 'right' and end up with issues. I'm sure there are a host...
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    You'd think! :) Just the prairies though! During a cold snap we think -20 C is balmy.
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    We are preparing for -40 C... How cold does it get in your neck of the world?
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    Getting african grey parrot

    They can be very affectionate. If my husband and I are both engaging with her, she will cuddle and coo with him - but scream and bite me. If he is away (not in the house), she will cuddle and coo with me. He is away with work a lot, and when he is home he mostly ignores her, so I don't think...
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    Getting african grey parrot

    I also have one. We 'rescued' her when she was around 3 years old (and she is 12 years old now) She had started plucking then. She still plucks, no matter what I have tried. Once they start, they often will not stop. The trick is to keep them from starting in the first place. And to do...
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    My mom's tortoise seems unhappy to me

    The bigger the better. The smallest footprint recommendation (at least for a Hermann's or Russian) is 4' X 8' for an indoor enclosure. A tank is too small for an adult of any species. A converted bookshelf is one option. Building something from plywood (and sealing it for moisture) is...
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    Rottweiler lovers?

    I just got a Daschund! Now I have 2..and 4 dogs total.
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    Old member, new tortoise

    I'm sure Sarge is happy to find a new home that appreciates him! :D
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    Huguette. After the Huguette Clark, the heiress.
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    Goosefoot Adventures

    Today's weigh-in: 96 grams A bit up from the last weigh-in of 91 grams (on July 10th). So still growing (yay!) but not as quickly, which I assume is also good. I predict there will be an autumn 'hold' on weight gain, or very minor growth over the winter. Let's see if my prediction is right.
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    Male or Female??

    We will need clear pictures of its tail area/plastron, from underneath...
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    Goosefoot Adventures

    Thank you! :D I have upped the lighting to 14 hours. The availability of tempting food is going to become difficult... the PTB are already predicting snow this week (it won't stay on the ground, but it will kill vegetation). So now, outside of what I can maybe grow indoors (and my initial...
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    Goosefoot Adventures

    I wonder...despite having the lights/heat on and on a timer (12 hours) much the intensity/hours of natural light coming in the windows affects the tortoise? I swear Goosefoot is sleeping more...moving less and also eating less. I will not brumate her until she's I am just...