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  1. Tom

    Sulcata hatchling diet?

    I do both. Its pretty random at my place.
  2. Tom

    CBW permits in 2020

    Sorry, but it ain't happening. An animal rights PETA whacko has been appointed to that office without the consent of the governed and is fully running amok with senseless ridiculous animal rights policies that harm animals and trample the rights of the American public. Its the new standard...
  3. Tom

    Happy Birthday Yvonne!

    I just found this thread, but its still your day, so I'm not too late! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to the undisputed Queen of the tortoise forum! :D
  4. Tom

    Unsure about this tort. Can you help, Pls!

    This tortoise has not been started well or raised correctly. If you want a premium quality, healthy, thriving, well started animal, then you should pass on this one. If you want to rescue this unfortunate creature and try to give it the best life possible, knowing full well that it might not...
  5. Tom

    Space for Sulcata?

    I don't think 2100 square feet is big enough for one large adult. Its adequate, but bigger would be better. For four? No. Way too small. And in an attic on carpet all winter long. No. Not suitable housing.
  6. Tom

    Should I let my sulcata eat bird poop?

    No. No you should not. And no it is not healthy for him, super or otherwise.
  7. Tom

    Is this a mulberry tree?

    Excellent! Here is some more sulcata raising info for you:
  8. Tom

    Dwarf Hermann Tortoise pyramiding

    Unfortunately, this pet shop has demonstrated ignorance at best, and possibly dishonesty at worst. They could be referring to a Western hermanni, which is a different and slightly smaller subspecies than the "regular" eastern subspecies, but its certainly not a "dwarf". Whatever else they told...
  9. Tom

    Is this a mulberry tree?

    Yep. Great tortoise food! Not the berries though. Unless you are feeding a forest species. What species have you got?
  10. Tom

    Metallic flakes in Sulcata hatchling poop?

    Its vermiculite. I remove my hatchlings from the incubation media as soon as they step out of their eggs, and I still see some of this on about day 9-12 after hatching. Some breeders leave the babies in the incubator on the vermiculite. I think this is a mistake, as they will ingest a lot of it...
  11. Tom

    Free Time Projects 2

    They are all just sitting there. No apparent development yet.
  12. Tom

    Cactus growing

    I've got some like that: That's a size 11 shoe.
  13. Tom

    Sulcata hatchling diet?

    Sulcatas and most of the other commonly kept species are very adaptable. There are many ways to feed them well. I feed mine seasonally with whatever is available. In summer its a lot of grape vine leaves, mulberry leaves, cactus pads, and a wide assortment of other stuff, including squash...
  14. Tom

    HELP!!! (yellow spot on skin)

    That lesion might be a secondary infection. I had several of those lesions come and go during my bout with crypto. That it came off is irrelevant. This tortoise is infected with something. You must do what your conscience dictates, but I'd take that one back, get a refund, and buy from a...
  15. Tom

    New Russian Tortoise Owner

    Hello and welcome. Here is the updated care sheet:
  16. Tom

    Changed or minds but not our hearts.

    I hope that the info we share here helped you make the right choice for you and your family. Tortoises are fantastic pets, and I find them easy to care for in comparison to some others, but they certainly are not for everyone. Whenever that is the case, its best that people find out before they...
  17. Tom

    Leopard tortoise

    Unfortunately, most people start this species all wrong after hatching, and then it gets worse from there. These same people tell other people (you) how to care for the baby tortoise, and it just keeps going downhill from there. It doesn't look like you'll be able to save this baby, but if you...
  18. Tom

    OK, give me the reality check

    Sulcatas are awesome. Their personalities and their appearance are fantastic. But they are just not the right species for most people. They just get too big, eat too much, get too destructive, dig too many holes, and need way too much heat and space. I get why people like them, but without...
  19. Tom

    Sulcata hatchling diet?

    Unless they were introduced to grass as a baby, which almost no one does, you will have to spend time getting them used to it now. Start with a tiny tiny amount and chop it up super fine. Mix it in with the wet greens. Over time, add more and more grass. The grass needs to be soft tender young...
  20. Tom

    Cactus transplanting?

    Darn tootin'! Its a five acre pot.