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    So after 63 and today 64 days i have two beautiful russian babies! I cannot see if both are perfect yet but the first one is for sure. It came out of the shell with no yolk left? Was shaped like a football for the first 20 mins. But now almost completely round and hauling the mail around the...
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    SUGGESTION for Setting Up a Baby Habitat

    This is the secret to great keepers. watching a tortoise's behavior tells us so much! After yrs of experience you probably have an incredible sense for all the correct conditions!
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    Naturalistic Keeping: Construction & Design of Captive Chelonian Habitat

    @HermanniChris Are you planning to share more about your natural method of hibernating your tortoises in future videos? I recently saw your latest videos where you showed some of the winter boxes you use. I am very interested in allowing my torts to naturally hibernate while also protecting...
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    Temp laser gun

    Great News and Thank you so much! I am worrying myself to death over these wishing I had never seen my Russian Gal laying. Brings to mind the saying what I don't know won'the hurt me.
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    Temp laser gun

    Does anyone use these to check temps of eggs? Just curious if they can be used to make sure temp gauges are as accurate? Does light or lasers cause damage to the embryo?
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    Washing eggs. Does it have an effect on the embroyo??

    I just had my Russian females lay and unlike everything I read after (it was an accident so i was not well prepared) said fertile eggs chalk in 14 days. My first clutches-3 eggs each gal- chalked in the first week, I washed the eggs off so maybe the slim protects the egg from developing as fast...
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    Sorry technical difficulty
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    Sorry for the long post....lots of surprising things happen when you think you male in your trio has not matured...duh!
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    Well as luck would have it my male Russian came into manhood quicker than I had separated him from the girls this spring but he must have bred with them in their winter enclosure in the shed because I caught my girls having laying behavior when I put them in their outdoor enclosure. I thought...
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    My Margie is growing

    My annual spring updates! Took some shots of my 4 yr old margie, he is about 8.5" long. Flashed me plus has a long tail so he is a Beautiful boy. I think he will get even bigger. Got him from Chris Leone. Hoping he grows to the monster size of Chris, huge Margie named Mons. Lol! It reminds me...
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    My Sully will be 24 Yrs old in December!

    Your tort is beautiful and smooth! You are doing a great job with his/her care! I agree they grow up pretty quick!
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    My Sully will be 24 Yrs old in December!

    Thank you all for compliments! I think he is the bomb but it means alot to have others appreciate his awesomeness! I am awed that he has turned into such a giant from a hatchling!
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    My Sully will be 24 Yrs old in December!

    Well had to update this post with some new pictures of my boy! He has mazuri face but has been loving the spring time!
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    Gender neutral name for a Hermanns

    You can always go with a name that an "o" means male and an "a" female like "leo" or "lea" then they won't even know the difference.
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    Was given a tortoise, can anyone identify its species?

    Torts are pretty tough and can take a lot especially if they make it to be older/bigger/stronger so you might be surprised by his recovery and vigor once all his needs are filled correctly. I too get extremely upset with people going through pets/torts like they do shoes. Throw em in the closet...
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    Tortoise identification - any help appreciated

    Pretty awesome you are taking over the care of your Nan's torts! You came to the right place for great information on the best care plans for them. Welcome!
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    50/60 year old female

    The ratio is not good for her. In my opinion All sully's should be loners except for the breeding time frame. I am not so excited about more baby sully's anyway since most people out grown them quickly. Look in the adoption section, sad! Unless you have huge acre size enclosures with lots of...
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    New home for South American Redfoot

    Do you still have her?
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    Rescued sulcata hatchling

    He is patrolling and making sure no other beings are taking his resources. :) sully pride
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    Advice on new baby’s shell, please!

    agreed this is minor. enjoy your sully, they are awesome torts!