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  1. rsross1970

    Are figs o.k. to feed

    I have a texas fig tree in my yard that produces many figs. However they do not ripen as well as they should because of the early cold we get here. So can I still use these to feed my adult redfoots?
  2. rsross1970

    Dirt as substrate?

    I'm thinking of trying using dirt from thier outside pen in on their tort table. I have them on cypress now ...but its hard to get here sometimes, and I would think that using dirt would be natural for them anyhow. By the way..these are redfoot sub adults I'm keeping. So maybe the dirt could...
  3. rsross1970

    plants for the enclosure

    I use irish moss and putenias other than that I have wild field grass near wear I live and I use that also. I also use herbs. from rosemary to lemon tyme. Herbs are great. If you want one that grows tall try a fennel herb. Start from seed on the fennel. Also basil is a great ground cover and my...
  4. rsross1970

    the new "what do you look like" thread

    O.K. here my pic. I was on my way out the door for a ride. My first name is Rich. I'm up here in Washington state.
  5. rsross1970

    What is the CRAZIEST pet you ever owned?

    North american alligator...yearling. But I only had him a short while. His name was Elvis.
  6. rsross1970

    A good day for a swim

    This trio loves to get wet. They hang out in the pond area and watch the goldfish in there come out from under the slate bottom of the pond. The slate bottom is only about 4 inches under the surface of the water. Under the slate the pond is about 2 feet deep. This way it stays cool for the fish...
  7. rsross1970

    Peat Moss?

    O.K. I was wondering if you could use fine peatmoss that you buy at home depot. Its got the consistancy of almost powder-slash fine grade substrate. It reminds me of ground coconut fiber. Anyways I was thinking of mixing it with 50/50 organic dirt from my yard, and the peat moss. Don't worry I...
  8. rsross1970


    Very nice looking tort...fantastic color. How old is this one?
  9. rsross1970

    RF' HiLL CLimb

    I think I can...I think I can....I think I can....I think I need to take a break :)
  10. rsross1970

    My new Redfoots in thier new enclosure!

    Thanks everyone for the great comments. What can I say...I'm in tortoise paradise and enjoying every part of it. I have to laugh...each one of these torts have their own personalities. Tank is just that a TANK! Not much stands in his way....especially the hastas Dots seems be just...
  11. rsross1970

    My new Redfoots in thier new enclosure!

    Thanks to JD for these sweet looking Redfoots. I am so happy with these three (Tank, Dots, & Rosie). They are in excellent conditon. Very healthy,good eaters and very active. They love their new outdoor enclosure and are adapting to the climate here rather well. Thankyou so much JD ( N2TORTS ).
  12. rsross1970

    Waiting on the UPS driver!!!!!

    I got them...They are fantastic. I soaked them for about 25 minutes and then I introduced them to their new enclosure. I fixed them a dish full of redleaf,mango,& celery, and they are chomping down...woohoo! I am so excited about these. Unfortunatly I went to get my camera and my battery is...
  13. rsross1970

    Waiting on the UPS driver!!!!! I will say it...UPS ( Unreliable Parcel Service ) they are slow, and there is no way to track them except to see it say online " in transit ". I want my TORTS!!! I can't wait!!! I know be patient, I've only been waiting for the last 8 hours :(
  14. rsross1970

    Waiting on the UPS driver!!!!!

    I'll post some pics as soon as they get here. I am waiting ....ready to get them into a soak and get them some comfort food. The waiting is driving me crazy! Come on it like your nascar race car!!!
  15. rsross1970

    Waiting on the UPS driver!!!!!

    I can hardly stand it. I am waiting on UPS to bring me my three new Redfoots today! Come on driver step on the gas!!! :D
  16. rsross1970

    99% completed set up for Redfoots

    It all started with the wall bricks that my sister was going to throw away. I took them and ...I just couldn't stop designing the set up. I think it drove my wife crazy sometimes. Look around on whats around your yard and in the area. You might be suprised on what you can come up with. I got my...
  17. rsross1970

    99% completed set up for Redfoots

    I hope this video comes through for everyone to enjoy. I set this up for three sub-adult redfoots. I know I have to put up atleast one if not two more layers of wall brick. That and I was thinking about putting a few more river stones in the stream to help cover up the liner. But other than that...
  18. rsross1970

    Pixie Frog

    Anyone here have any experience with pixie frogs...I just bought one that is about the diameter of a softball? What a little grump he is. I named him Jabba the hut...I know not that original, but what they hey....:cool:
  19. rsross1970

    Strawberry Plants?

    I know torts love strawberries...but what about keeping a strawberry plant in an outdoor it safe? :cool:
  20. rsross1970

    Keeping fruitflies/bugs away.

    I'm not sure if this could help but I have heard that geraniums are a natural way to drive away flies. I have never tried it and I haven't looked up to see if geraniums are on the toxic list for tortoises. But maybe just keeping one near the enclsure could help?