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  1. jkingler

    Here he/she is!!

    Wow! So cute! And I am not just saying that because (s)he looks so much like my Rory! :D
  2. jkingler

    Homemade Calcium Carbonate Blocks

    Never seen any mold on my molds, but If you notice any, let me know. I don't think it is a very good substrate for mold to grow on, though, seeing as it is basic...
  3. jkingler


    I really just love to look at those Aldabras! So sweet, wise(-looking), cool...just all around awesome to behold. :D
  4. jkingler

    pretend chat

    All I had was a kid I didn't really know die by crashing into a tree while street racing. You guys and your kids seem to have had it worse than I did. Sorry to hear it.
  5. jkingler

    What are you listening to?

    I'm reading those at the moment. On Towers of Midnight. :D As for listening, so far today: -School of Seven Bells -M83 -My Best Friend -Kimbra -Gotye -Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs Good stuff.
  6. jkingler

    Who here lives in or around San Diego?

    Any good books on tape? If you're in need of some good titles and you've aaaaany inclination towards sci-fi or fantasy, I can recommend lots of great stuff. :D
  7. jkingler

    pretend chat

    Car trouble is so annoying. I really, really hope you can get to your training. That would suck majorly if your car wouldn't start again...until after you were already late for your training. :P Rain Diego does not have a good ring to it. I want my sunny San back. :/ Post pics when you're...
  8. jkingler

    Who here lives in or around San Diego?

    I could see that. I even bailed on my niece's bday, since I didn't wanna brave the rain and moronic SD slip 'n' slide drivers. I rainchecked it! So even though I hate both flaking and being flaked on, I wouldn't hold it against anyone on a day like that. Are you guys rescheduling? If so, I'd...
  9. jkingler

    pretend chat

    That's a nice looking kitchen. :D Also, sorry for the long posting drought on my end. Been skating a lot and carless and taking care of the torts more than talking about it, I guess. :P We have a new (Black) Russian tortoise named Sanya now, so once Laura's replacement camera phone...
  10. jkingler

    What's the significance of your tortoise(s)'s name(s)?

    Just got a Russian last night and he is now named Sanya, after the awesome Dresden Files character whose name he shares. They are both cool dudes, and Black Russians, too.
  11. jkingler

    Who here lives in or around San Diego?

    Seeing as March 17th is my niece's birthday (and her mom just told me yesterday), it seems that I won't be able to make it. But I definitely wanna go to the next one!
  12. jkingler

    "Black" Russians?

    I have one of my own now! :D I've named him Sanya (after the Black Russian character from the Dresden Files, if you've read the books, haha). He's abooout 6-7 in SCL - not exactly sure, just got him last night. Will post some pics once Laura gets her new phone sent to her - looking forward...
  13. jkingler

    Who here lives in or around San Diego?

    I did not sign up, but let me know how it went. Hope it is awesome and that next time there will be a workshop on bigger enclosures for, say, I don't know, tortoises or some such. ;)
  14. jkingler

    Who here lives in or around San Diego?

    I would be down to meet wherever, and weekends are good, so long as it is not the second Saturday of the month. :P
  15. jkingler

    Head butting/ramming

    Greetings from funkycow, jkingler's other half. Yesterday, we removed and replaced Deedle's coir, since he was overdue. Tonight we got home after the usual tort bedtime, and our baby Deeds was already burrowed - but I decided that the enclosure looked a bit parched and thought hey, why...
  16. jkingler

    Got my new baby today

    Congratulations. That's one lovely and colorful babe you've got there. :D
  17. jkingler

    cutest pics ever of tanker <3

    What a handsome fella you've got there. As always, I like the look of those dark (Black) Russians! Very cool!
  18. jkingler

    First two hatchlings for 2012

    Soooooo cute! Gah! I am smitten. :D
  19. jkingler

    pretend chat

    Looks like an awesomely functional outdoor enclosure you've got there, Yvonne. Might have to do likewise. Either that or cinder blocks. I've decided that I don't trust the bricks I have to stay in place without mortaring them, and I do not want to make something that will be difficult to unmake...
  20. jkingler

    pretend chat

    Congrats on quitting that job, Sammy. And amazing elephant, Bow! You do great work! Also, Deedle was happy to be so well appreciated, Bubbles. He forgives you for showing that guy what's what.