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  1. eric joranson

    My girl is broken

    I would take a hibiscus flower and wet it down....grind down the pill into a powder an sprinkle it over the flower; the water should hold most of it in place till eaten .
  2. eric joranson

    Excessive urates......

    I can dial down his/her intake of dandelions and clover with good mowing; which will thrill my neighbors. And as for soaks; he/she self soaks for a least an hour every day; and I give him/her a soak every other day. but as you suggest I will change that to daily again. As for his/her growth...
  3. eric joranson

    Excessive urates......

    Yes...any store bough treats like endive; get a good washing before I serve them. Just like the timothy and orchard hay; he/she doesn't seem to mind that its wet.
  4. eric joranson

    Excessive urates......

    well I would not call it an imbalance; there is access to water source 24/7; see him drinking frequently. Still gets soaked every other day and drinks while soaking. And as I said there is just an increase in the volume and frequency of passing them; all of which are milky liquid to creamy...
  5. eric joranson

    Excessive urates......

    it's been a bumper crop of dandelions and clover this spring in Midwest. And my sully Titan has been gorging himself on both; along with at least 7 different grass types. I know that both are high in plant protein content; and was wondering if that is why I am seeing more urates being...
  6. eric joranson

    Mana or death from above....tree flowers

    Problem is there are at least 5 different species in our area....but am not botanist enough to tell the difference. But its all kind of moot point now....tornadic winds and lots of rain have taken care of the problem for me. Till next spring.
  7. eric joranson

    Mana or death from above....tree flowers

    Hawthorn tree; Five are fairly common to Iowa: downy hawthorn, cockspur, pearhaw, punctate haw, and red haw. I am not sure what species in in my immediate area; but last night a storm brought down billions of of their flowers and not one place in my yard is not covered with them. This tree...
  8. eric joranson

    Holiday Greetings....

    Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house; All the critters were stirring and one flying mouse..... Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. (ps...the visiting bat was taken to wildlife rehab. and will be released in mid April close by)
  9. eric joranson

    Winter=loss of appetite?

    with proper space; lighting and heat; they will remain as active and eat as much as ever. I have had some of my biggest growth spurts during the winter months.
  10. eric joranson

    Hibernation and Sulcatas

    No it is you who are 100% Wrong. Sulcatas have never evolved the need or ability to hibernate during winter. It gets too cold in California to stay outside year round too; and they are going into dens or establish enclosures to keep warm. Talk to your expert about the differences in...
  11. eric joranson

    another poop story.....plugged up

    Update: Looks like we are back on schedule. every other day as normal.
  12. eric joranson

    another poop story.....plugged up

    not sure if it was the cucumber or the watermelon.....I have never fed either of them to him/her before; but since vet was going to be unavailable for a few days I decided to try both. Was surprised how quickly he/she went after them and gobbled them down; is usually very wary of any new food...
  13. eric joranson

    another poop story.....plugged up

    Yes I have converted an old cold war bomb shelter built in the early 1950s under the house with its own furnace; its about 50 ft x 30 feet and has plenty of room to walk around. In fact I have three feeding stations I set as far apart from each other to encourage him/her to roam and forage...
  14. eric joranson

    another poop story.....plugged up

    well for 2 years you could almost set your watch to defecation time for Titan. But last week things changed. 6 days passed with no voiding of pooh.......eating. drinking and active as usual; urinating and the occasion passing of very thin urates. But no pooh. I tried cactus; aloe; and...
  15. eric joranson

    work is done; now back to the fun....glad to be back.

    It's been a few months ; and with an ailing computer; and a family house to clear out and put on the market; I just was not around. But we're back. My sully Titan has grown like a weed since I was last here. Lots of sunshine and good food.....hate that cooler weather is moving in and we have to...
  16. eric joranson


    both movies are GREAT!
  17. eric joranson

    Back on line...bigger and better Titan update

    Had to lurk in the cyber shadows the last few months as I forgot my password; and did not have access to my PC where it was automatically stored. In late November I left cape cod and returned to Iowa for a few months remolding a family home. At 12 months; Titan weighed in at 580 grams. Now at...
  18. eric joranson

    "Life finds a way..."

    to paraphrase the famous line: "LOVE finds a way..." Happy Valentine's Day from Jurassic Joranson
  19. eric joranson

    Anyone set up outside enclosures near or in woods?

    Just make sure your enclosure is bullet proof. I live next to National Seashore and there are lots of trees. This also means lots of wild animals; (fox; coyote; raccoons; birds of prey...etc). I have used modified dog crates; Not only are they solid enough to keep tortoise from getting out...
  20. eric joranson

    Voyage of the Golden Tortoise: Dune Sledding

    Climb to the highest dune and turn around to slide down. Did it multiple times; so I have to assume it was some sort of tortoise play.