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  1. Lslifko

    Wheezy breath - have taken to vet multiple times

    My tortoise for over a year has had wheezy breath, sometimes worse than others, but pretty consistent. I have taken him to the vet multiple times, given him a series of shots on two different occasions and yet he still wheezy. He is a sulcata, probably about 6 years old. LIves outside (Arizona)
  2. Lslifko

    Defecating and urinating in habitat

    Yes a soft sided dog crate. It was stuffed with hay till recently
  3. Lslifko

    Defecating and urinating in habitat

    I live in a warmer climate so my tortoise has been outside during the day and then inside in a crate for the cooler evenings. She often goes to the bathroom in her crate rather than outside. I know most creatures don’t tend to defecate and such where they sleep and wondered is this unusual for...
  4. Lslifko

    Have you had to give your tortoise shots?

    small tortoise has an upper respiratory infection and I have to give her shots for the next 7 days. they told me it was a two person job, but even then it was so difficult to hold her legs out to get towards the base of her legs for a shot. Now that she's out and about a bit more today I see...