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  1. batchick

    Two angulates, two very different behaviours

    photos = Ned, Not Ned and Not Ned
  2. batchick

    Two angulates, two very different behaviours

    Thanks Tom. Great to get your perspective. I had been hoping that our garden would be big enough to accommodate both. We've been watching them closely, given that we're working from home (Thanks 2020). Every third day or so there is a bit of scrapping from Ned (he's got a bit of a size...
  3. batchick

    Two angulates, two very different behaviours

    Hi All - Been several years since I last posted. We've had Ned, our Angulate for about 10 years. He lives in our garden in Cape Town, which we planted up with all indigenous plants after he arrived. About a month ago, the neighbours delivered a second angulate to us ("Not Ned") on the assumption...
  4. batchick

    Let's congratulate all our winners! (orders not received)

    yay. My Ned's a calendar boy! What a beautiful set of photos.
  5. batchick

    Spring has sprung

    Mutual appreciation. My boy loves feeding Ned his flowers and Ned doesn't seem to mind. Had to stop my boy before Ned ended up looking like the girl from American Beauty, surrounded by flowers.
  6. batchick

    Sulcata Tortoise, Whistling?

    Do you have a vet near you? Sounds like an RI. I would take her in just to be on the safe side.
  7. batchick

    Spring has sprung

    Sorry - Didn't mean to rub it in. Our winters are nowhere near in the same category as yours in Illinois, but it is still nice to feel the sun on your back.
  8. batchick

    Spring has sprung

    I've not posted in quite some time, but Ned (our Chersina Angulata - now recognised as the "most obstreperous tortoise" our vet has ever met) is enjoying spring in Cape Town. I captured this great shot of him as he bimbled over to eat the hibiscus flowers I plucked from our trees. (Ned is wild...
  9. batchick

    Boy meets tort

    Yes, Ned's a bowsprit. We're in Cape Town, South Africa. He's lived in our garden for a couple of years now. (BTW - I wouldn't expect anyone here to be more interested in the boy than the tortoise)
  10. batchick

    Boy meets tort

    Don't worry folks, we don't let Daniel actually touch Ned. I know all the nasties that tortoises can carry. This is as close as they get to each other.
  11. batchick

    Photobombing Tort

    If it is possible for a tortoise to photobomb, Ned is giving it a go. He's a funny tort. We've now had him over two years and for the first year and a half he stayed away from the house. For the last few months, every time there is a door open, he makes a beeline for the inside, and now he...
  12. batchick

    Happy tort encounter

    Beck - He turned up outside our gate a couple of years ago and we took him in until we could find his owners, thinking he was someone's escaped tortoise. We never found them and suspect that he might be a wild even though we are a couple of kilometres from the mountain (there are enough green...
  13. batchick

    Psammobates, Homopus, & Chersina oh my

    Those geometrics are awesome. And you're dead right about the authorities here, particularly in the western cape. The other problem we seem to have is people releasing leopard tortoises that they've decided they don't actually want anymore into nature reserves where leopards have no business...
  14. batchick

    Happy tort encounter

    Hi all, it has been a while since I posted. Things have been pleasantly uneventful with Ned (angulate who lives in our garden), apart from the other week when I was having a work meeting at home and left the lounge door open and he tried to saunter into the house. I guess he's been eying up the...
  15. batchick

    Hibiscus on a winter's day

    It has been quite quiet on the tortoise front here in South Africa, what with it being the middle of winter. Here's Ned taking advantage of a good break in the weather.
  16. batchick

    Its a tortoise's life

    Happiness is... You wake up, you stumble to the front of your Ned Shed and find yourself surrounded by hibiscus flowers of different types. Ah, the life
  17. batchick

    ATTN: TFO App Users!

    Just trying it for the first time. Looks good. What I'm liking best is that is actually working. The rest is detail
  18. batchick

    Wasp feeding on bee

    Tom, this probably isn't one of the extreme ones you were talking about, but here you go.