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  1. FujiBaird

    is deworming common?

    If you are just curious about the potential presence of worms, a non-reptile-specific vet may be able to examine your stool sample for the presence of parasites... I guess they look similar across many species. A dog/cat vet office did that for us (~$25), and when they found a worrying level of...
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    I recently ordered some Marion tortoise food from Coastal/Mad4Rads, and was very impressed with the price, shipping speed, and product. Wouldn't hesitate to reoder!
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    Should I be concerned about my hermanns tortoise's constipation?

    Roma passed another rock last night in the bath, this one a little larger and more jagged. Thankfully the other material that passed wasn't dry or hard. I suspect there may be more rock or hard material on the way -- all we got in the bath this morning was gas. I'll keep up the extra soaks...
  4. FujiBaird

    Should I be concerned about my hermanns tortoise's constipation?

    Thanks @Yvonne G , cucumber is a favorite that we don't feed too often, so I'm sure Roma will enjoy it. I have a camera set up so I can check in on Roma during the day, and it's been heartbreaking to watch him wiggle his tail and struggle this afternoon. On the good side though, I've seen him...
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    Weighing Query?

    I haven't really found anything that tells you how much your tortoise is "supposed" to weigh at a given age. I think that's because there is just so much variance in how tortoises are raised (indoors or out? hibernated or not? dry or humid? subspecies? runt of the litter?), it's hard to come...
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    Should I be concerned about my hermanns tortoise's constipation?

    I've had my Hermanns tortoise, Roma, for about a year. In that time, he's always received daily soaks, and I'd say he poops in the bath about 75% of the time. However, that seems to have changed recently. Warning, poop details incoming! Last week, he didn't poop in the bath at all for the...
  7. FujiBaird

    New Western Hermann's hatchling

    Oh, I can completely relate to the flipping paranoia! Another plant like the fern you have in the back would be perfect, IMO, and present little hazard. But I think your setup looks great overall.
  8. FujiBaird

    New Western Hermann's hatchling

    Tiny tortoise, big bin! I'm not an expert, and I don't see anything wrong with your setup, but just based on my tortoise's behavior, I think your baby might appreciate someplace with a low plant or wood overhang closer to the basking spot so she can get warmth without feeling too exposed. (I...
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    Input? Soaking and Nutrition

    has your vet screened for intestinal parasites?
  10. FujiBaird

    eating millipedes -- any risk?

    Thanks Maggie -- I was just a little worried that the noxious scent of the millipede was perhaps some kind of toxin that would hurt my Roma! With all the sniffing he does, I'm sure he's pretty good at determining what's tasty, but he's certainly eaten some weird stuff in the past, like rocks, a...
  11. FujiBaird

    eating millipedes -- any risk?

    Roma spends his days in an outdoor raised garden, and I noticed him do something today I've never seen him do before: he hunted down and ate a small millipede. The millipedes in his garden are all black, about an inch long, and have a funny smell when you squash them. Is there any risk to my...
  12. FujiBaird

    please help both eyes white.

    I'm so glad he's finally eating for you! Due to the eye issues and a potential lack of vitamins, perhaps this tort would benefit from a baby food soak the next time you bathe him? A search of the forum will give you directions on what to do. :) Agree with the others that the heat pad on the...
  13. FujiBaird

    please help both eyes white.

    From the shell and skin coloring, it appears that it might be a Hermann's tortoise. All of the above suggestions would apply to a Hermann's -- but you might also consider visiting the Hermann's tortoise subforum (under Mediterranean tortoises) to get more ideas on how to help this little...
  14. FujiBaird

    please help with seriously sick greek

    I've seen your tort on instagram before and I'm glad you're here on the forum! :) I hope the blood test can reveal what may be going on with Zeus, or that one of the many knowledgeable members here can help you out.
  15. FujiBaird

    Pin Worms? (And any parasites in general)

    Perhaps the amount of pinworms should be considered when deciding whether or not to treat. We had a fecal done on my juvenile tortoise after having it for several months. It seemed a little lethargic, wasn't gaining weight, new growth was rough/pyramiding despite correct temps & humidity...
  16. FujiBaird

    Best food, higher calories?

    The purple stuff in the spring mix is usually radicchio... sometimes you can buy it separately. I see it often at Whole Foods. The Petco near me sells Mazuri LS. My tortoise prefers the regular Mazuri formula, which I can only find here at an independent pet shop (or online). It's worth...
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    Are tortoises allowed to be pets in Australia

    I'm not from Australia or an expert, but my understanding from reading the laws is that only turtles/tortoises native to Australia are allowed as household pets in Australia, and non-native species aren't allowed as pets. Unfortunately, that would rule out most of the species we discuss here.
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    Hermann weight need advice

    You might want to make sure that you are measuring your tortoise's length correctly. It seems that there are a lot of false positives for overweight that get resolved with a new length measurement. :) This website will show you how...
  19. FujiBaird

    Frankie Tortoise Tails: Coming of Age (Dear Waffles)

    My Roma has just discovered that he is a boy and is in the, uh, flaunting stage. I tell him to go do it in private but it's really my fault he can't get a little alone time -- you're right, it's just too funny and tempting to photograph. Though nothing will compare to recently seeing a very...
  20. FujiBaird

    Hermann tortoise growth

    Thanks @WithLisa , and sorry for hijacking your thread, @mkaykay ! Those charts are all really interesting. I had no idea that hatchlings were only 10g or so. Must be so tiny and so adorable! And it's also crazy to see how much faster Roma has grown than these tortoises raised in Europe (and...