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  1. jensgotfaith

    How big is your sully and what do you keep it in

    My big guy Tex Wasabi and my middle one Captain Jack live outdoors full time. Tex is roughly about 85 pounds and Jack just recently weighed in at 24 pounds. My little Lola is outdoors when it's warm enough and indoors at night. I haven't weighed her in a little while but I would guess she's...
  2. jensgotfaith

    Size updates on Tex Wasabi and Captain Jack

    Here are a couple of pics from today. Tex Wasabi- probably 83-85 lbs. Captain Jack -probably 17 lbs
  3. jensgotfaith

    Size updates on Tex Wasabi and Captain Jack

    Sorry I've been out for a while again. Life has been crazy! Well, Tex Wasabi and Captain Jack are growing like weeds. Jack is thriving being outside full time. He is now about 17-18 pounds. His growth rate is insane! I I fully believe that if his growth rate continues like this he will end up...
  4. jensgotfaith

    Size updates on Tex Wasabi and Captain Jack

    Sorry, forgot to get pics. I haven't been on in a while either. I just went out and weighed Captain Jack again. He is now 15.2 pounds and 14" long. This "little" dude has a crazy growth rate. Last month I had to take Tex Wasabi to the vet. He had developed a cold with snotty nose and very...
  5. jensgotfaith

    Poor babies... (CL ad)

    Good grief, this is what irritates me about people who don't research before they get a Sulcata. Any research at all would have helped and now this person wants $150 for two babies that have been so incredibly neglected? Unfortunately I am very far from Dallas, but I wish I could take them. I...
  6. jensgotfaith

    Size updates on Tex Wasabi and Captain Jack

    So we weighed Tex Wasabi a couple of months ago and he now weighs around 80 pounds. Captain Jack has spent the entire summer outside and wow has he grown. The last time I weighed and measured him was last November- he weighed 4 pounds and was 8 3/4" long. This weekend he weighed 11 pounds and...
  7. jensgotfaith

    Heating help

    You're probably right about him getting enough sun everyday especially if he's outside for at least a couple of hours each day. Inside if you can lower your MVB bulb like hanging it on a stand- I think ours is made by ZooMed, you can effectively regulate the heat on the top of your tortoise...
  8. jensgotfaith

    Heating help

    So am I correct in that your little one is outside right now? If so, if he was mine, I would bring him in for the winter. In my opinion, that small is too little to be outside in the winter. I would worry about him getting not only cold, but cold and wet. My little one is just a bit bigger...
  9. jensgotfaith

    Heating help

    Hi Ruchonnet- I'm Jenni and live near Sacramento- how big is your sullie and will he be outside or inside? My big guy is 80 lbs and lives outaide year round. We took a Little Tykes log cabin playhouse and retrofitted it to be water tight and fully insulated. He has a Kane heat mat that is large...
  10. jensgotfaith

    My Sulcata Newberry

  11. jensgotfaith

    Sacramento and Oakland zoo visit.

    I never knew the Sac Zoo had Sulcatas. I wonder how long they've had them.
  12. jensgotfaith

    sulcata owners in Sacramento, ca?

    I'm here too! Thanks Laura for remembering me if I'm who you were thinking of. And Torti -you're right about people thinking you're crazy about keeping a tortoise that will get so big. People just can't understand why I would want a tortoise that big instead of say a dog that I could cuddle...
  13. jensgotfaith

    new growth

    Looks great!
  14. jensgotfaith


    Simply amazing that something so small will grow so big!
  15. jensgotfaith

    New addition to the family

    I'm thinking so. I give her dark leafy greens and sprinkle calcium on her greens. She also gets Mazuri a couple of times a week.
  16. jensgotfaith

    New addition to the family

    Here's an update on Lola: She is currently just shy of 4" SCL and weighs 6.05 oz or 171.5 grams. I am wondering about her growth though. She has the split scutes and there are a couple places where it seems like the scutes are stuck together. There's growth all around them, but not...
  17. jensgotfaith

    Growth Update + Pictures

    That is some good looking smooth growth. Keep it up. My Captain Jack is a piglet too. Just keep the growth nice and smooth and it's all good. Great job!
  18. jensgotfaith

    Does your sulcata do this?

    Been there, done that and had ne time that it got all over me.
  19. jensgotfaith

    : ( redecorating....

    That is a funny mental pic. Got any pics you could share?
  20. jensgotfaith

    Sulcata Trio Northern California

    That's so close to me, I just wish I had more space!!!