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  1. J

    My new Forsten baby

    Just added this beautiful forsten hatchling to my collection.. yellowest one i have ever seen.
  2. J

    weird pectoral

    Just notice that his pectoral is not normal. Anyone seen pectoral like this before? Also, is it safe to say he is a male? Because his tail already looks big to me.
  3. J

    Help ID my box turtles

    I have had those two for a couple years. I am still not 100% sure of their exact species. I think one is a EBT and the other one is a 3-toed but I m not sure. one is 5.2 inches(EBT looking) and one is 6.3 inches(3-toed looking) and both are females. Both sold me as LTC. First one: Second...