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    Cypress mulch talk, again

    Thanks, we're using cypress bark (zoomed forest floor), but its bark size feels a bit large for our 2 month old. Looking at moving to orchid/fir. It'll be in an open top wooden table (9" tall walls). We are blocks from the beach in San Diego, my ecobee thermostat located a few feet from the...
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    The Best Way To Raise A Sulcata, Leopard, Or Star Tortoise

    For basking/incandescent bulb, do you think the color temperature (kelvin) or CRI is worth caring about? Day White being close to 5500k or natural sunlight? I have a 4 bulb T5HO fixture I intend to use over the right 2/3 of my enclosure. My plan is to use 2x Zoomed 10.0 UVB and 2x Zoomed flora...
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    Cypress mulch talk, again

    Sorry for digging up an old thread, but I was curious as I was reading; with the various recommendations and experiences if, as an additional data point, you are using an open top table or an enclosed box. Humidity maintenance (~80%) obviously changes in difficulty depending on if its open or...
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    Desert Tortoise Apps and Monitors

    Can anyone recommend companies to look at for automated and remote monitoring solutions? Looking mostly for environmental monitors (temp/humidity) with multiple reporting points (in the hide/dark area, basking spot, ambient room/outdoor), but would also love if it had ability to control heaters...