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  1. spud's_mum

    Spud's outdoor enclosure 2k17

    Ok so since I forgot my password, I have made a new account and I am currently re doing spuds outdoor enclosure :)
  2. spud's_mum

    Spud's setup ❤︎

    So I cleaned Spud's viv out today and decided to change it up a bit. I know that most torts don't like change but Spud seems to cope pretty well and doesn't seem to mind. The viv is on the small side, I know and he is due an upgrade but he has a large outdoor space that he spends most of...
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    My gerbils :)

    I couldn't find my old thread so I decided to start a new one. So.... On 28/12/15 I bought home 2 precious little babies. We instantly fell in love and named them Pip and Squeak. Pip is the black gerbil with the white chin. She is the shyer (if that even a word?) one of the two. Squeak is...
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    Just double checking

    Hey! I'm pretty sure this is edible but being the paranoid tortoise mum that I am, I just wanted to check :)
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    Help ASAP Please. Is my tortoise dead?

    This morning I found my Indian star upside down in his water. I don't think his head was under but I got him out and he was unresponsive. I put him under his log and he then started to stretch out his legs. Now he is totally tucked away and seems unresponsive. He is still warm and is not limp...
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    My Indian star :)

    So you may know that I got a little Indian star. He hasn't got a name yet though. Here is his temporary setup: The temperature is still rising and the humidity is currently at 77%. The little guy is quite the adventurer already :D
  7. spud's_mum

    Indian star setup

    So I walked into the pet shop to get gerbil toys and came out with an Indian star hatchling. The story is on this thread: I am picking him/ her up tomorrow and I plan on keeping him in an aquarium for the moment. It would be great...
  8. spud's_mum


    I said I wasn't going to do it. My parents said it wouldn't happen again. It happened again. I walked into the pet shop to buy some toys for the gerbils and decided to look around the reptile bit. I looked around and stopped at a vivarium. My jaw dropped. My dream species sitting there right...
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    You're favourite sport

    What is your favourite sport? As some of you may know, I am a gymnast. I only got into it a few years ago and immediately fell I love with it. I will never be good enough to compete at a high level but I just do it for fun. I do tumbling and adore it. I started a couple of years ago at a...
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    Great. Just great -_-

    Tonight I managed to break Spud's bulb. I was unscrewing it to put in his ceramic heater (I don't have 2 fixtures yet but I hope to in the future) when it somehow slipped out of my hand. Of course, it couldn't land on the peat, it had to land on the edge of his water bowl and smashed into little...
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    Aphids >:(

    I thought I was safe. They killed my nasturtiums last year and I wasn't going to let them do it again. I picked a leaf from his enclosure and there it was, staring right at me. This means war. Is there any way that I can get rid of them that are safe for torts? And can they harm torts?
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    Your best pictures

    Hi everyone! I thought it would be fun to have a photography thread to put up your best pictures. They don't have to be tort related. :)
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    Jobs with animals

    So as some of you may know, I am still in school and need to start thinking of future career choices. I don't know what I want to do but I what I do know is that I want to work with animals. I was wondering if you cold list any jobs that you know of that I could read into, also if you have any...
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    Came across this on instagram

    While scrolling through Spud's instagram feed, I saw this :(
  15. spud's_mum

    Pretty sure it's okay, just checking:

    Pretty sure this is okay for Spud to eat but I just wanted to be sure:
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    Tortoise forum Instagram?

    Hey guys, I have noticed that on Instagram there is lots of people keeping torts in pairs, on sand, dry etc. I have talked about the forum lots of times on spuds Instagram page and also have a link to here in my bio. Anyway, I was thinking that maybe we could make an Instagram for the forum...
  17. spud's_mum

    New growth

    Does the new growth look smooth? I have battled with pyramiding and just wanted a second opinion on the new growth. Thanks :)
  18. spud's_mum

    To trust or not to trust?

    So I was walking down an unmade road near my house when I noticed one side had overgrown grass and was covered with nice big weeds. The area was not wide enough to walk on but the other side that people walk on had nice short grass and a few daisies on. Do you think it's safe to take the weeds...
  19. spud's_mum

    Rabbit odour removal

    Hey guys! I got the gerbils a new cage the other day. It is second hand as the new ones cost too much. It is a wooden cage with plexiglass sides. The woman used to keep rabbits in it so it stinks. I have washed it with soapy water and used a pet disinfectant but it still smells. Does anyone...
  20. spud's_mum

    Bird photography

    I went to the beach yesterday and decided to try out my new camera lens. The fishermen were throwing out all of the fish that they didn't want so the birds were having a feast :) The lighting wasn't very good but here are a couple of photos: