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    My tortoise won't move or eat!

    Hi All, After tossing ideas around for an outdoor enclosure I finally put one together and put Shelly out in the real world for the first time. The first day she walked around exploring her new 14' x 14' area and I put her in her hide for the night. The second day I opened it up and she came...
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    Outdoor Enclosure Fence Question

    Hi Guy's, I'm ready to move my 4 year old leopard outside to a 25' x 40' enclosure. The enclose is on a large raised bed of landscaping blocks with one 6" course left above grade. Shelly wouldn't be able to see above it and I was thinking because of it's irregular shape it would be easy if...
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    Outdoor Summer Night Box

    Hi Guy's, It's time for Shelly to enjoy the summer months outside. I'm going to use the shell of a precision pets dog house and use additional foam to insulate and cover with plywood on the inside. It's 45" L x 26" W x 27" H and should be easy to add a hinge door for night time. My...
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    outdoor enclosure safety

    Hi All, I'm starting the final planning of my summer outdoor enclosure. I have an area in mind that's elevated from the ground and the back of it will be against the house with half of it covered by my deck. Half south exposure full sun and half covered shade. I'm building an insulated...
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    Hi All, I've been using Zoo Med PowerSun 100 watt UV bulbs and buying them for $49 on Amazon. A Sun Glow was an Amazon sponsored replacement and was only $29 so I ordered it instead. The bulb doesn't have a frosted lens and cast a different shade of light than the Zoo Med. I looked at the...
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    Outdoor questions

    Hi All, I have a 12" long, 10lb, 4 year old leopard. She has her schedule of waking up from her hide eating then spreading out under her UV bulb. After an hour or two it's off to her 9" x 14" watering pan and eventually back into her hide. She always returns to her hide for the night. I...
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    Male or Female

    Hi Guy's, My leopard is 4 1/2 years old 10" in length and weighs a little over 8lbs. This seems to be the place to ask if it's a male or female. Thanks in advance, Phil
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    Do you need Substrate?

    Hi All, I've googled this one for a while now and can't find an answer. I just emptied and moved my 4'x6' tortoise table to it's own room and realize how easy it is to maintain the cleanliness of the main area without substrate. It's heated hide is 2'x2' and has a few inches of very easy to...
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    New Leopard Tortoise habitat advice

    Hi All, I’ve been raising a Leopard Tortoise for a couple years now. He’s about 6 ½” long and it’s time for a larger habitat. I could use some input on the various components of the enclosure required for a healthy tortoise to thrive. I have room for a 6’ x 4’ table. My questions are: Is...