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  1. SushiAndReptiles

    Heyo friends, send me your enclosed chambers!!

    Hey everyone, planning to get a leopard or sulcata in the next few months, but first things first: I need to build or setup a kickass-enclosed chamber to keep my humidity up for the little one. Send me y’alls ideas, your setups, what you’ve seen work. Looking to pull from other people’s success...
  2. SushiAndReptiles

    I’m back? New tortoise soon

    hey everyone, I don’t know how much this forum has changed since I last logged in, but it’s safe to say it’s been a while. A little about me, I took in my first and only sulcata tortoise from a shady website (tortoise town) last October, and while the little guy degraded fast due to pre arrival...
  3. SushiAndReptiles

    Reptile basics heater (silly but I need help with assembly)

    So I got this reptile basics RHE and have no clue how to assemble and the instructions were no help, I know you have to screw it in but the package only came with these screws, what’s to hold it in place? The cord is in those two pieces, not sure of how I’m supposed to do this, can’t find any...
  4. SushiAndReptiles

    Leopard tortoise setup

    Hey everyone! After the unfortunate loss of my Sulcata hatchling from the dreaded tortoise town, I’ve finally got back on my feet and made a new enclosed chamber for the leopard tortoise I plan to buy from Yvonne and William, I’ve yet to install the UVB light and heat panel, but here’s what I’ve...
  5. SushiAndReptiles

    Trusted leopard tortoise breeders on here?

    Are there any trusted leopard tortoise breeders on here? I’m either getting a Leo or a sulcata very soon, ive talked to both mark and lance about purchasing a sulcata. Ive looked at tortoise supply, and Arizona tortoise compound, but does anyone have any experience with other breeders?
  6. SushiAndReptiles

    Looking to take in a tortoise, DFW area

    I live in northeast Texas, the DFW area. I’m willing to take in a tortoise of any kind, be it hatchling or adult. Seems erratic, but i have plenty of space, and would love to give a great home to one. I’d be willing to come pick up if within a reasonable distance, we could always negotiate. Look...
  7. SushiAndReptiles

    Heating questions, not the first wont be the last

    if i use a basking light, and have a radiating heat panel, do I need a CHE? Would it be okay for a sulcata or leopard tortoise to have a basking light during the day and then just the heat panel going at night? i would love nothing more than to care for a tortoise but i am on a budget. thanks...
  8. SushiAndReptiles

    Any reptile expos soon in Texas?

    im not sure how to keep up with all of the reptile expos- but are there any reptile expos happening soon in Texas?
  9. SushiAndReptiles

    Heating questions

    Hey everyone, need help with some heating problems regarding a future sulcata. I have heard people talk about heat panels that radiat constant heat and temperature throughout the enclosure, essentially eradicating the need for a heat bulb. Do you guys have any recommendations on where to find...
  10. SushiAndReptiles

    Substrate questions

    After the loss of my sulcata hatchling yesterday, i refuse to give up. Humidity is especially hard to keep in Texas right now, my house is especially dry and it seems that no matter how enclosed the chamber, humidity always finds a way out. In y’alls opinion, what do you think the best...
  11. SushiAndReptiles


    Hello everyone, after less than a month of owning my sulcata hatchling from tortoise town, and $300+ of vet bills, I’m going to go ahead and advise you not to order from tortoise town. While they have an almost perfect review score online, i have heard nothing but heartache from their customers...
  12. SushiAndReptiles

    Terminal sulcata hatchling.

    this is very difficult to say in the least. Franklin, my hatchling sulcata tortoise seems to be on list last legs. His heating, humidity, food, uvb, and enclosure all meet the standards. We ordered him from tortoise town- horrific mistake. Ever since he arrived on the 4th, his health has nothing...
  13. SushiAndReptiles

    Baby tortoise uvb

    Hello everyone. I have a baby sulcata tortoise and I’ve been temporarily using a compact uvb, which i just found out is not good for their eyes. Can someone link me to a proper uvb bulb? There are so many brands and different types of uvb lights out there, want to make sure i have the right one...
  14. SushiAndReptiles

    Friend wants a tortoise

    hey! I’ve got a friend who lives in North Carolina that wants a pet tortoise. He needs a beginner level tortoise that is basically the ball pythons of tortoises (easy to care for, good starter animal). Any suggestions? I’ve recommended the Russian tortoise, but wanted to know if y’all have any...
  15. SushiAndReptiles

    Sulcata poop problem

    one last post before i call it a night, I’m not seeing franklin (my months old sulcata) poop. When i give him a bath, he lets out a small cloud of feces or urine, I’m not sure because its a thin brown liquid that dissolves almost instantly into the water, do they urinate like this? And I’ve...
  16. SushiAndReptiles

    Calcium dust

    So i gave franklin a salad earlier with a zoomed calcium power with D3, just wanted to make sure this brand is okay for a baby sully. Might be silly or obvious, but I don’t want to take any chances or trust any outside information.
  17. SushiAndReptiles

    Sulcata humidity questions

    for hatchling sulcata tortoises, humidity seems to be vital for proper growth. However, when sulcatas grow up people recommend keeping them outdoors; so my question is, do sulcatas become more resistant to dryer climates as they grow up? Or is there some way that outdoor keepers maintain the...
  18. SushiAndReptiles

    Tortoise tables

    Before I ordered my sulcata tortoise, i saw tortoise table setups, but with open tops, how do they hold humidity? What tortoises are there that require so little humidity that they can have an open enclosure? Genuinely curious, because even my desert dwelling sulcata hatchling needs heavy humidity.
  19. SushiAndReptiles

    HELPPPP!!! Sulcata hatchling is gasping!!

    Hey everyone, my hatchling sulcata tortoise, Franklin, whom I ordered from “tortoise town” and arrived Thursday, October 4th, is gasping for air and acting lethargic. His substrate is eco earth coconut fiber substrate, mixed with cedar wood chips I believe. He is in a black storage tub that I...