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  1. cbs

    Desert Tortoise 4 years old

    Hello everyone This is our second year with our adopted Desert Tortoise. She is 4 years old. Last year we evacuated from the Woolsey Fire with her, she went into hibernation (or brumation?) November 9th and didn't wake up until early May. This year she went into hibernation/brumation on November...
  2. cbs

    Flaking skin should I soak?

    Hi, My tortoise is 4 years old, and her skin has been flaking. I've read that I don't tear it off and that I should be patient. Over the past 3 weeks, she has continued to flake on her neck, but now I'm noticing it above her rear legs. My question is how do you soak tortoises? I have a shallow...
  3. cbs

    Woolsey fire victim, need help tortoise woke up from hibernation

    Hello we evacuated from our home during the Woolsey fire, the fire destroyed our home but luckily I got our tortoise out before the fire to the house. That was on November 9 our tortoise was asleep from Thursday, November 8 until that Sunday right after the fire. She woke up walked a little...
  4. cbs

    Nervous new desert tortoise parent

    Hello all tortoise/turtle families! We adopted a 3 year old desert tortoise from a family that was moving to a colder climate. We adore her, she blows me away with her persistence in exploring. We live by the coast in Southern California. I would love to get any and all tips you have to offer...