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  1. Turtulas-Len

    Found Another Wild Baby

    I was pulling weeds and grass from around the heat pump and found another baby eastern box turtle.Here are a couple more pics just to show more of the area he is staying in.I left him there and covered him up with some of the weeds I had pulled. This is the fifth one (3 in front yard and 2in...
  2. Turtulas-Len

    Donald is One Year Old

    Donald hatched during the first week of August 2019, not sure of the exact day though. So for his first Birthday I gave him a cactus feeder He loved it and ate 3 pads today along with everything else.He measures a tad under 9 inches and weighed in today at 4 pounds 7.7oz
  3. Turtulas-Len

    Walkers Yard From the Outside

    I took some pictures from outside of Walkers yard today. This is what people see that drive or walk around my house. There two spots that people that know he is in there can see him if he's out. Some people have been coming by for the 14 years he has been out there to visit him. Here he is from...
  4. Turtulas-Len

    Cicada Killer

    I see these all the time here but never seen one attack a cicada before. Not great pics but here are some. The first is the cicada after the wasp stunned it it came back to get itI expected it to take it and fly to it's hole in the ground but instead it carried it about 30 feet around in...
  5. Turtulas-Len

    A little Non Tortoise Plant Help Wanted.

    Someone left these plants out front sometime today and I'm not sure what they are and do they like full or partial sun, shade, filtered light or what. I know the pictures aren't the best but we getting some much needed rain.
  6. Turtulas-Len

    Not Sure What This Is

    But I think it's neat looking
  7. Turtulas-Len

    Some Spine-Less Cactus

    that can be grown in colder wet areas. I'm growing these opuntia in Virginia near the Potomac River a little southeast of Washington DC. I can't name them but they all have been growing here for several years thru some very harsh and cold wet winters.12345678 . Number 1 is my favorite. I have...
  8. Turtulas-Len

    Do Female Desert Tortoises put off a Scent

    or have an odor that males can pick up from a distance when ready for breeding ?
  9. Turtulas-Len

    Growing Opuntia With Long Spines

    I live in an area with cold winters and keep sulcatas. I have one that is 24 years old that I've raised from a hatchling. I have raised others into adulthood but sent them to Florida when the females started laying eggs. I raise many different kinds of opuntia to feed them year round and over...
  10. Turtulas-Len

    Planning For Next Winter

    I usually wait until later in the summer to start drying things to help supplement winter feeding my young tortoises. But recently I realized that I was missing out on the spring plants and blooms that disapere as summer goes on. I wish I had thought about it sooner because all the early chick...
  11. Turtulas-Len


    Because of the very mild winter we had the banana plants didn't die completely back. This year they are blooming earlier than ever before. Here's 3 blooms It's possible that with several months of growing season left I might get to see some turn yellow instead of just turning black and rotting...
  12. Turtulas-Len

    Just a Picture From Today

  13. Turtulas-Len

    Walkers 2020 Summer Pics

    I know summer doesn't really start until Sunday, but Walker doesn't. He in the summer mode and enjoying it. Coming out early and staying out late. Yesterday I put a couple cactus pads on his personal cactus feeder and he found it after some time. So today I put 3 large pads on it and I think he...
  14. Turtulas-Len

    Got a New Baby

    This little fella came in Wednesday afternoon. He hatched the first week of March and weighs 70 grams. Took him outside to get a couple picsHe comes from from a good established captive raised bloodline and I have high hopes for him. Seems to be settling in nicely.
  15. Turtulas-Len

    24 and Still Growing

    Back on January 12 I got a good weight on Walker my adult Sulcata which I hadn't done for years. Today weighed him again and has gained 11 pounds at 146.4. A few years ago I noticed his beak was a little ragged so have been working on that and have seen improvement as time goes on.
  16. Turtulas-Len

    Yard Turtle Wandering Around This Morning

    She doesn't show herself very often but this morning she was out and about. When I first spotted her she was heading towards the house from under the cherry tree and I didn't have a camera so I went to get one and she was sitting just outside a patch of cactus. She headed for the cactus. As she...
  17. Turtulas-Len

    Eastern Box Turtles Getting Active

    After several weeks of well below average temperatures and about twice the amount of rainfall for April we are finally getting a break and getting back to more normal temps, but supposed to get up to an inch and half of rain tomorrow. Today I released the adult box turtles from theirwinter pen...
  18. Turtulas-Len

    Multi Topic

    I saw these two out front today, I was surprised to see them on a chilly windy day with the temps in the mid 50s. They were about 4ft apart.I saw this little once last summer while I was pulling weeds. The snake is one I have never seen in the wild, I believe it to be a Ribbon snake. When I...
  19. Turtulas-Len

    Food Items Growing In The Yard

    Here are pics of some of the plants growing in my yard that my tortoises eat.12356791011121314151617181920
  20. Turtulas-Len

    A Simple Build Enclosure

    I built this enclosure in 2012 in a day for a little star tortoise, using only glass, masking tape, silicone caulk, tape measure, a fine sandpaper for smoothing the sharp edges after after construction, and of course paper and pencil to write the glass measurements you want cut on. Lay the...