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  1. KevinGG

    Field Collected Kwangtungs?

    I imagine this is just a typo, because my understanding is that M.nigricans is extinct in the wild. These are also really small, but pretty cheap. Sent underground an email for more info. Anyone seen anything like this?
  2. KevinGG


    #1 aromatic, tall growth habit, silver furry stem #2 almost positive this is sow thistle #3 tall, weak growth habit, sticky stem and leaves Thank you [emoji1431]:)
  3. KevinGG

    Turtles For Sale (50% to a turtle organization)

    I have two turtles for sale. Details in the images. Price below. 50% of profit will be going to the Asian Turtle Program as they continue their great work with Rafetus Swinhoei. They, with the help of the TSA and WSU, have discovered an individual bringing the known worldwide total to four...
  4. KevinGG

    Water Pump Question

    Anybody have experience burying a water pump in gravel as opposed to the typical hose to bucket filter? I want to create a gravel bog in one of my stock tanks and have water filter through plant roots and grave to the pump. Another idea is creating a compartment for the pump... Thanks for any...
  5. KevinGG

    Looking for surplus anacharis and other water plants...

    Anybody have a surplus of water plants, especially anacharis, they want to send to NorCal? Happy to pay for shipping and return the favor with plants (prickly pear, tree collards, and grape vine starts), weeds (chickweed, dandelion, thistles, etc), and seeds of many kinds in the summer. Thanks...
  6. KevinGG

    Albino Turtle For Trade

    I figured I’d post this here as well and see what kind of responses I get. I have a CB 2016 Albino Chinese Softshell for trade. He is 5 inches and growing fast. I will be keeping him for at least two weeks as he heals from some small cuts inflicted on him from a clutch mate that is now...
  7. KevinGG

    *Reduced Price*: Albino Chinese Softshell

    Selling this very male looking Albino Chinese Softshell Turtle (Pelodiscus Sinensis). Sold to me by Steven Brenner in November of 2016. I believe hatched in October of 2016. This species, and particularly this turtle, is very aggressive and I wouldn’t recommend housing him or any older...
  8. KevinGG

    Mauremys ID

    So, this woman sent me a message on insatgram asking for help with her Mauremys turtle. The light coloration seems a bit strange. I’ve never been a great ID’er, but luckily we’ve got good friends for that. @Markw84 @Anthony P
  9. KevinGG

    Albino Chinese Softshell For Sale

    Selling this very male looking Albino Chinese Softshell Turtle (Pelodiscus Sinensis). Sold to me by Steven Brenner in November of 2016. I believe hatched in October of 2016. This species, and particularly this turtle, is very aggressive and I wouldn’t recommend housing him or any older...
  10. KevinGG

    A little slice of Nature...(Hermanni Hermanni)

    I finally finished the new enclosure for the new additions (1.2 Sardinian Testudo Hermanni Hermanni) I figure I’ll try something a little different. I’ll just post some pictures and answer any questions people have. This way I don’t write 500% too much with info no one cares about. :) Here it...
  11. KevinGG

    Help Finding Wood Turtles Near Brainerd, MN

    Anybody out there who could potentially help me find some NA Wood Turtles (Glyptemys Insculpta) near Brainerd MN in June of this year? I’ll be taking a trip this summer, and thought this might be a good experience as I’d like to keep them one day. *Please Don’t Post Locations On This Thread*...
  12. KevinGG

    How Many Burms In A Season?

    To all you successful G. Platynota breeders, how many eggs, on average, are you getting from each female? In how many clutches? Thanks in advance. Trying to get a more accurate idea of averages than individual articles.
  13. KevinGG

    App Not Working

    Hey everybody. My iPhone TFO app has not been working (Cant see new threads, can't post, etc) for the past week or so. Is anybody else having this problem? I haven't updated to the new IOS. Posting from my laptop. @Yvonne G @wellington
  14. KevinGG

    New Endangered Babies (Mauremy M. Mutica)

    Sorry for the click bait title :( Introducing the Yellow Pond Turtle, Mauremys Mutica Mutica. These arrived just this morning from Florida. Interesting to see the difference in color between the two. This species is Endangered in the wild, but not much interest has been paid to them...
  15. KevinGG

    New Gift From TortStork

    I've got a surprise on its way from TortStork. This is a test of sorts. The egg is a few days from pipping. If all goes well, Randy @shellfreak , would be able to ensure fertility and not risk the embryo. I have a few photos to show how the egg is packaged and shipped. I'll wait for the little...
  16. KevinGG

    New Elongata:) (Pics)

    Well, they're here. This forum can be to thank for this addition. I received three indotestudo elongata from Jay Frewer this morning. They are each from different bloodlines so ideally they can be bred as adults. Using a 40 gallon breeder as an enclosure for now. Was going to put them in a much...
  17. KevinGG

    Good Tortoise News:)

    Well, here is a good news story. A few months ago, I thought I had lost a Russian tortoise. I found a hole in the underground wire that is supposed to prevent him from digging out. I thought he had escaped, and after three months, I thought he was definitely gone. Well, today I heard digging...
  18. KevinGG

    Fantastic Box Turtle Book

    Found a few pages of this book on Google Scholar, ordered it, and have been reading it for the past few days. Incredibly in depth. Can't recommend it enough.
  19. KevinGG

    Mother Fern?

    Anybody have any experience with mother fern, or Asplenium bulbiferum, either for feeding or planted in enclosures? Well aware of tortoise table. Looking for any personal experience. Thanks.
  20. KevinGG

    Pelusios Nanus (African Dwarf Muds)

    Thought I'd share the new pair of Pelusios Nanus or African Dwarf Muds. The name is accurate. These guys are incredibly tiny. (I'll believe they can lay multiple eggs when I see it:).) I believe they are the smallest freshwater turtle species, but not positive on that. They are incredibly...