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  1. christinaland128

    Safe hibiscus?

    On the tortoise table there is a type of hibiscus that is not safe and a couple types that are safe? I know rose of Sharon is safe, I have some of that growing in my garden. But I also have this kind... What is this one called and is it safe? Thanks! :)
  2. christinaland128

    Redfoot fart video too funny

    I was casually recording my boys while they ate butternut squash and I recorded this gem! Enjoy! https://instagram.com/p/BSj9FySls2w/
  3. christinaland128

    I.D. PLEASE! :)

    Someone told me this was in the hollyhock/mallow family. Very pretty anyway. Anyone know what this is? Is it safe to feed? Thanks!
  4. christinaland128

    Are all of these HIBISCUS?

    Also are all types of hibiscus safe to feed? Here's the first... the second...and third...
  5. christinaland128

    Male or female Redfoot?

    My nearly 3 yr old Columbian Redfoot is tricking me! Though I'm not surprised. I thought at first she was a female. Now I'm not sure! My male is mounting her, and "she's" not laid any eggs because she's still young I assume. I've read that Colombians tend to mature later than cherry heads? My...
  6. christinaland128

    Looking for marbeled female Redfoot

    I'm in search of a female Cherryhead between 5-7" long. Preferably with marbeling like in the picture below.... I'm in Michigan!
  7. christinaland128

    Homemade calcium blocks HELP

    I'm trying to make homemade calcium blocks. Am I supposed to dilute the strength of the calcium carbonate by adding other ingredients? Or is the straight food grade calcium carbonate ok?
  8. christinaland128

    Sexual maturity Redfoots

    I've read that reds develop sexual maturity relevant to their size not age so I just want to get some clarity on the whole breeding subject because I'm a little shell shocked after my first encounter with hanky panky. :D My 2 yr old male Redfoot flashed me his monkey business less than a week...
  9. christinaland128

    Plant I.d. please?

    Found this ground cover outside here in Michigan. Anyone know what it is and is it safe?
  10. christinaland128

    Elephant plant?

    Is this safe? It was called a rainbow elephant plant. It was near the succulents. I'd like to eventually add it to my enclosure in the future. I see nothing on it at TTT. :/
  11. christinaland128

    Redfoot temps

    Ok fellow Redfoot mamas and papas; so I recently upgraded my indoor enclosure and because it's bigger I'm noticing little microclimates I haven't dealt with before! Right now my temps are topping out at 93 in the warm part of he enclosure. But at night with the temp gun I measured a 72 degree...
  12. christinaland128

    Look at this albino roly poly!

    I was upgrading my tortoises' enclosure this past weekend, and I stumbled upon this little treasure! So cool huh?!
  13. christinaland128

    Keeping large tortoise with small

    Can someone help me find a good thread on size differences and the dangers? Same species but big size difference. :/
  14. christinaland128

    lights for RF?

    @Tom which bulb would be best for someone who prefers to keep the lights on for 8 to 10 hours? Could I still use the Arcadia HO but use the 6% instead of 12? Or put the UV on a timer but also use a different light source for daylight? I'm getting new tube lights this spring so I'm curious. My...
  15. christinaland128

    How about heat mats?

    When I upgrade my indoor enclosure in a couple months, I'm thinking of utilizing waterproof heat mats to help warm the soil and overall temps. It would be deep in the substrate to avoid burns. My reds burrow in the loose deep layers of coir and moss. Anyone have experience with these mats...
  16. christinaland128

    Happy Thanksgiving Thread :)

    Have a great Thanksgiving! Please feel free to post pics of your torts! :)
  17. christinaland128

    Advice please! (tail rubbing)

    My juvenile Redfoot just today started rubbing her foot against her tail as if it was itchy or irritated. I don't see any redness or irritation. She's eating, acting, and pooping as normal. Is her skin dry? Is she just discovering new a new sensation? I'm worried. She's walking normal...
  18. christinaland128

    Bubble near neck?

    A person in a tort group posted this picture of her hatchling and said the sides of his neck are puffy. That has some to do with the location of their lungs correct? or is it something she should be worried about? It's not hard it's soft. Hers a pic...
  19. christinaland128

    Don't pet me!

    My Brazilian has been ramming me occasionally when I put my hand in enclosure and pet his head. Even if he sees me approaching slowly. I'm feeling quite used. All he cares about is my hand dropping food. LOL But seriously is this a sign of stress? Or puberty related aggression (he's 2 yrs.)...
  20. christinaland128

    Looking for the tortoise BULLYING thread?

    Can someone point me in the right direction to find the thread or threads on bullying? Thanks!