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  1. hessbrit

    Hit by car RT. Caution graphic pic

    This is NOT my tortoise, but I thought you guys might be interested in this story. Hopefully the link works.
  2. hessbrit

    Blended Sphagnum Moss to Maintain Humidity

    Hey Everyone! So yesterday I cleaned out Squirt's enclosure and decided to try a new mix of substrate. Before I was using EcoEarth with whole pieces of sphagnum moss. This was holding humidity at about 80% with my humidifier at a low level and an enclosed tank. This time around I decided to...
  3. hessbrit

    Shedding or fungus or ????

    Hey guys! Squirt is my first reptile so I'm not entirely sure what a normal shed looks like. Can anyone tell what the white spots on his front legs (top) may be?
  4. hessbrit


    For the last few days Squirt has been defecating a smaller amount than usual. I typically will soak once a day for twenty to thirty minutes. Since this started I bumped it up to twenty minutes three times daily. He has still been eating okay and acting okay, though. FINALLY he had a normal...
  5. hessbrit

    Semi Closed Chamber

    My boyfriend is working on a better closed chamber for Squirt, but for now I'm trying to make the aquarium work for us. There are still small holes where humidity and warm air can escape, but I'm hoping the Reptifogger will help compensate for that. I only have the little wall mount hygrometer...
  6. hessbrit

    Changes to Squirt's Bachelor(ette) Pad

    I hope you guys approve of the changes I made in Squirt's tank. I realized today I've been using the bad UVB bulb. I feel so terrible . I hope his little eyes will be okay. I immediately went out and got a Powersun bulb. I also added a little stone for him to bask on (level with his...
  7. hessbrit

    Pictures of Squirt

    I just wanted to share some ultra adorable pictures of Squirt eating Hibiscus :D
  8. hessbrit

    Meet Squirt!

    Hi my name is Brittany and I am a first time tortoise owner. I fell in love with a little leopard tortoise at a CE (continuing education) event at the vet clinic I work at. I knew I just had to have him. A few days later I picked him up and brought him home . I can't wait to learn as much as...