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  1. lyingcat8

    New Growth - Pepperoni

    Hi all -- I hope you're all doing well and staying safe during these trying times. It's been awhile since I have posted, and if you remember, I had quite the rough time getting our little Leopard Tort set-up correctly. We got them in October and they were about 48 grams. Fast forward to...
  2. lyingcat8

    Potentially Injured Beak

    Hi all -- I feel like we've had the worst luck ever with this baby tort. We finally felt secure and like they were eating like they should be and acting like they should be, but then today I noticed that it looks like a piece of their lower jaw / beak has broken. They want to eat, they keep...
  3. lyingcat8

    Bugs in the Tort Tank

    Hi everyone - I have searched the forum quite a bit and have a feeling these are likely non-harmful bugs, but would like confirmation, if possible. It's pretty hard to get a photo of them, so hopefully this video will work... Last night I bought some pillbugs to help with population control...
  4. lyingcat8

    Food Shopping / Soaking Tote Update :]

    Hi everyone -- I hope y'all are having a good weekend! Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this - I am tending to stay with the Leopard Tort sub-forum for now, although I'm exploring a bit more each day. Please feel free to direct me to a more appropriate sub-forum and delete this one if...
  5. lyingcat8

    Many Thanks & A Few Questions

    I just wanted to post and say thanks to the friendly people who helped me on my last post! Pepperoni is doing very well, eating like a little monster now that we've got the tank covered, the humidity up to 80% continuously, and the temps where they should be! We went ahead and purchased a...
  6. lyingcat8

    Introduction / New Leopard - Food Aversion

    Hi everyone -- I'm Anne from Indianapolis, IN. Let me start by saying that the internet is vast and full of misinformation re: tortoise keeping. So I've come here to a place where after reading posts for an afternoon it seems the information is consistent and people are successful using it...