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  1. 45Charlie0ct

    done with enclosure and night box but have question

    Hello! I finally have finished her enclosure! Now I have a question during the winter, do you open the night box everyday even when it is really cold like below 40 degrees? I have all the heat panels and mat in her night box. She likes to poop in her box. How do you keep it clean? Did you...
  2. 45Charlie0ct

    what can I seal my concrete pool with?

    Just poured the concrete for my sulcata pool. It is still drying but was wondering what I can seal the concrete with that is not too expensive? Thanks
  3. 45Charlie0ct

    What to do with sulcata during winter in Texas

    I was wondering what to do with my sulcata during the winter months in Texas if I do not have a heated night box yet? Was not expecting my sulcata to get as big as she is this fast. I was hoping I had 1 more winter left. So I have an indoor enclosure but it is too small for her to be inside...
  4. 45Charlie0ct

    Hello! I am new here.

    Hello, I am new here and was wanting some advice. I bought my 1 year old sulcata in Sept of last year. I have owned turtles and different tortoises my whole life. I have never experienced them flipping over. I have an indoor cage and an outdoor enclosure for when I am home. My husband had...