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  1. louieboy!

    RT hatchling sleeping too much?

    Hi everyone! I recently got a hatchling russian (a little over two months) and he sleeps most of the day. He'll walk around sometimes and will eat A LOT, but he mostly takes really long naps under the sphagnum moss and inn the substrate. I make sure to spray it down and keep the basking spot at...
  2. louieboy!

    The wonderful Carol S!

    After the passing of my first tortoise, Louie, I was devastated. I had no idea how sick he was, let alone that he would die so soon. So, when he passed, I realized that I really wanted a new tortoise, especially one that I knew was healthy. When I asked on this site, everyone told me to get into...
  3. louieboy!

    Preventing pyramiding?

    Hello! As I have mentioned before, I'm getting a baby Russian very soon (august 4th). I'm really concerned about pyramiding and how to prevent it. I've ordered the lights so it won't get MBD, as well as some moss to create extra moist hides. Can anyone help me to prevent pyramiding? I'm so so...
  4. louieboy!

    Rushed schedule?

    Hello everyone! I'm getting a new tortoise from the amazing Carol S.! I was planning on school being out for a couple months longer than usual, but it looks like that won't happen. I'll have to do everything either very early in the morning or very late at night. Which one would be best? I...
  5. louieboy!

    Feeding and vitamin schedule?

    Hello everyone! I'm getting a baby Russian, and I want to make sure it gets all the vitamins and variety it needs. I'm getting it in around august, so weeds might not be that available. What foods and vitamins would you all recommend and when should I give them to the tort? Thanks! -Gracey
  6. louieboy!

    Louie says goodbye.

    Hello everyone. I have very bad news. Louie, my russian tortoise, has passed away this morning. I woke up this morning to feed him, only to find him unresponsive to anything I tried. About two hours later, he had gone completely stiff. I'm not sure why he died, but I find comfort in the fact...
  7. louieboy!

    Spring mix contents?

    Hey everybody! I'm starting Louie on solid foods again and wanted to ask if there's anything in this spring mix that I shouldn't feed him.
  8. louieboy!

    Eyes are closed (adult russian)

    Hello everyone! I took Louie to the vet and the vet said he was malnourished from only eating one thing for so long before coming into my ownership. The vet said that he closes his eyes because of that. I just started him on daily soaks and a dollop of baby food every day, and he's only opened...
  9. louieboy!

    Louie is in trouble

    Hey everyone. Louie hasn't been well at all lately. At first, I thought it was his temperature, so I git him a ceramic heater. He still wasn't well, so I started soaking him more often with crushed up greens and dandelions so he can drink the juice parts and get the vitamins he needs, but that...
  10. louieboy!

    Outdoor enclosure for my Russian

    Hey everyone! I've recently started thinking about building an outdoor enclosure for Louie so he can get more sunshine. I live in the plains part of Colorado, so it gets pretty windy. My lawn also doesn't have regular lawn grass, just patchy spots of wild grass. There's a lot of dry dirt, so I...
  11. louieboy!

    Louie is a picky eater, how do I help expand his diet?

    Hello everyone!! I've come across a problem with Louie (russian). I've been trying to introduce new things like dandelions, kale, and weeds from my yard into his diet, but he won't touch it. Before I started taking care of him, his previous owners only fed him romaine lettuce. He seems to be...
  12. louieboy!

    What type of heat lamp?

    Hey everyone! I built my tort (russian) a new enclosure that's bigger, but that means that his light won't be enough to keep him warm. I've heard that heating lamps work well when I don't have a thermostat, so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a strong heat lamp that would keep...
  13. louieboy!

    Cleaning poop off of my tort

    Hi everyone. I've noticed that Louie's backside is covered in poop that I can't clean off of him. I'm really worried about how this will impact his health, and when I got him, no one told me what to do when this happens. It's really hard, and when he takes baths, it still won't come off. I'm so...
  14. louieboy!

    How do I help Louie eat?

    Hi! Louie is a Russian Tortoise, so he is small. When he eats, he has trouble reaching his food, so I have to feed him. This makes me nervous, because when I'm away, he can't feed himself. His food dish isn't the best, because my brother made it for him when he got him. Should I elevate his food...