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  1. kellyb4be

    my sully - 1 year update

    Hi everyone - I haven't posted in a while, but today marks a year since I first bought Spumoni. When I first got him (from a reptile store), he was in a mostly dry environment and it was suggested that I continue to feed him lettuce...I wasn't really given too much guidance as far as housing &...
  2. kellyb4be

    Sulcata Squeaks

    Hi- I've been reading around some other Sulcata squeak threads but I thought I would just bring up my situation to you all for some help: Spumoni has been squeaking for a little while now. It is usually at randoms time at night (not every night but a night or so a week) and it is usually just...
  3. kellyb4be

    Spumoni the Sulcata (New Sulcata owner from IL)

    Hi everyone- I'm in Illinois & I got Spumoni around mid April of this year- How's Spu looking so far? I have received a lot of tips for feeding and housing from the Sulcata section and really appreciate that. Unfortunately, I don't have too much information on age (bought from a Reptile...