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  1. Randy Micheals

    Meet our 1 year old Sulcata , Shelldon.

    Hes a beauty. Welcome to you both.
  2. Randy Micheals

    Good spritz bottle?

    I use spritz bottles for dust control, but after a week the spring is toast. I've tried a few different ones, anyone have a suggestion for a good quality spritz bottle that will last? Thanks!
  3. Randy Micheals

    Found Greek Tortoise

    Yikes, really hoping you can bring her home!
  4. Randy Micheals

    Safe plants

    Well, in terms of for eating, it's a bit of a tough one because a lot potted plants are often in treated soil and have been grown using pesticides and chem fertilizers. I buy "houseplants" and keep them in untreated soil to flush them for 6-8 months before adding them. However, there are...
  5. Randy Micheals

    Spring feasts!

    Wow your hibiscus are ahead. Ours are just coming around
  6. Randy Micheals

    Spring feasts!

    Does your tort chow the grass on it's own? I sneak little pieces of quack grass in there for some extra fibre but he tends to high grade them out haha....I just hope he eats some as collateral damage. Good stuff.
  7. Randy Micheals

    My tortoise never stops scratching

    Scratching at the sides of the enclosure is a pretty common sign of stress, mine did this with his previous keeper as she had him in a 10g aquarium. I think Technocheese is correct, you maybe offer him up for adoption here, free of conditions or judgement. Once he is in the proper...
  8. Randy Micheals

    Spring feasts!

    Hènri sure is thrilled to have spring fare again. Just finished buying some organic annuals for his edible garden, hopefully will have that finished soon and can share some pics. Today's salad consisted of dandelion leaves and flowers, some hawksbit leaves, broadleaf plantains, clover, and...
  9. Randy Micheals

    Hi I'm new 🥰💚🐢

    Hello and welcome
  10. Randy Micheals

    New Indoor Enclosure - Just Finished

    Stylish design, looks nice!
  11. Randy Micheals

    New to the Greek tortoise

    Up to 100W is ok. You want to be careful using CHEs to prevent burning the top of the shell. There are several threads archived here illustrating this unfortunate outcome. This can be a slow burn and not immediately apparent, so important to get it dialed early on. No closer to 10 inches from...
  12. Randy Micheals

    New to the Greek tortoise

    No heat rock. As mentioned, top down heating is best. Ceramic heat bulb or even RHP for night time. Temp under lights can be optimized by adjusting the height. Aim for arround 95 degrees for the basking spot. Use a flat rock or a tile under the basking spot and you get enough of the heat rock...
  13. Randy Micheals

    Help with ID tortoise

    I completely understand, the world is in a bit of turmoil at the moment and things are tough across the board. I can sympathize with that. If not possible to go out shopping to the hardware store in your area, then ordering the bulbs are an option yes. I'm not sure what other options you have...
  14. Randy Micheals

    Help with ID tortoise

    I understand that you may only have the tort a short time if it is lost and looking to be returned, but this poor tort needs your help at the moment, and if you want it to survive...At the very least, you should provide a light. You can get an incandescent bulb for cheap from a hardware store...
  15. Randy Micheals

    Help with ID tortoise

    You will need more space, as that is a full grown adult, check the guides but 8x4 is minimum. This forum is the best place to read about them, that I have found, hands down. You have come to the right place!
  16. Randy Micheals

    Help with ID tortoise

    The 'spurs' on the back of the thighs in the last picture indicate that this is a Greek tortoise, possibly an Iberian as the head is quite dark. Keep her warm (warmer than it is outside in South England right now), provide a basking light, and give daily warm soaks, all will help stimulate...
  17. Randy Micheals

    Hey, Blackdog1714:

    Happy birthday blackdog!
  18. Randy Micheals

    Cuttlebone feeding

    Hello and welcome. You can use a file to shave a bit off on to the food when you feed.
  19. Randy Micheals

    Betta Pond.

    Looks good buddy. Hope they multiply for you. Is that a 35g stock tank? I'm building one outside right now with an old stock tank as well. Goldfish and plants with a small fountain. Good to have a few projects on the go while things are upside down.