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  1. Vladsfriend

    Guidelines to re-home a tortoise

    Howdy all, There is a distinct possibility that I may have to find a new home for my Russian tortoise, Vladimir, in the coming months. If you found yourself in this position, how would you approach it? I want a good home for him first. And frankly, he's a rescue. He moved in for free, he can...
  2. Vladsfriend

    RT Indoor Enclosure

    Howdy All, I finally was able to move Vladimir into his new enclosure. I'd love to know your observations and suggestions to improve. It's constructed of 3/4" ply, all exteriors being red oak and finished with polyurethane. With the support ribs underneath, it's easily carries my weight...
  3. Vladsfriend

    Howdy All!

    Howdy Forum Friends, Just realized I hadn't posted an intro yet, despite my reading the forum for several months now. I'm from NE Ohio and care for Vladimir Khan, a Russian Tortoise. He's at least 20 years old and we've had him about 2 years now. He's a rescue tortoise. Original owners got...