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    Guidelines to re-home a tortoise

    What's a reasonable adoption fee to separate the truly interested and those looking for a freebie?
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    Guidelines to re-home a tortoise

    Howdy all, There is a distinct possibility that I may have to find a new home for my Russian tortoise, Vladimir, in the coming months. If you found yourself in this position, how would you approach it? I want a good home for him first. And frankly, he's a rescue. He moved in for free, he can...
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    Thank you.

    Thank you.
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    snakes locked up wrestling

    For the record, that King Snake needed no help. It was the Copperhead that was being eaten. I tend to think all snakes are good snakes to have around. But I understand the desire to remove a possibly dangerous creature from your property. Either way, those are cool pics. You don't see that...
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    Good Move! When I want to give Vladimir a treat, I just look for colorful parts of food that are good for him. There are some edible flowers and, of course, dandelions flowers. He doesn't NEED them, but he does eat them first!
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    Rescued a Russian Tortoise....

    Just noticed that you were left without an answer there. The most commonly recommended bulb is the Zoomed Powersun UV Mercury Vapor Lamp 100 watts. It's the one i use with my Russian and have had no issues. Hope that helps!
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    Will from Cleveland, Ohio

    Ha ha! I used to live 3 minutes from Cedar Point, but I'm not the roller coaster type. Turtles are more my speed!
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    Will from Cleveland, Ohio

    Welcome! I'm in Cleveland too. I can't help you too much with your specific issues, but know that those on the forum are very experienced and won't lead you wrong!
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    Damage from humidity

    Thanks for the clarification. That makes sense.
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    Damage from humidity

    I had noticed the puncture wounds too. That must have been a big dog, right? I had assumed the risk of puncture was really only if the dog could get his mouth around the shell.
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    Damage from humidity

    If the plastron wasn't damaged, humidity is an odd claim to make. Sure looks like some type of burn to me, as well.
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    Very Lethargic Russian

    Thanks for the update. I hope that's the ticket!
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    Very Lethargic Russian

    I hope you find a satisfying answer. I'm from similar climate in NE Ohio, but my Russian (also Vladimir!) has already picked up his pace from the winter slowdown. It seems like more than just a seasonal issue to me. Hope he gets better!
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    New to TortoiseForum!

    Welcome to the forum! You came to the right place for advice. I've received a lot of help here and it can be a little overwhelming at times. But if you check the Russian Tortoise specific posts, it can answer a lot of questions. And if you have questions about your lighting/current setup...
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    Welcome, Samantha! I'm also from Ohio and have a Russian tortoise. It seems like you are doing your research in advance and that's really good. I wish I could help you out with a rescue, but I don't have any info for you. But there are a few other members from Ohio that might be able to help...
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    Outside Time

    Nice name! Our Russian is named Vladimir. Enjoy that warm weather. It'll be single digits in Ohio tomorrow;)
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    Russian tortoise sleepy, not eating, not pooping

    Just a quick note to go along with @Yvonne G, check the other threads. I don't brumate my Russian, but he still slows significantly in winter. He is in a properly heated enclosure with timers, but he eats less and sleeps more in the winter months. Many other keepers have similar experiences. If...
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    I'm confident you'll get a lot of help here on this forum. I've been helped tremendously. But one thing that would make it easier to provide suggestions is pictures. Pictures of the tortoise and the enclosure.
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    RT Indoor Enclosure

    It stands for Fiber Reinforced Panel, basically a plastic sheet about 1/8" thick studded with fiberglass to give it strength. You've most likely seen it before in commercial bathrooms before, like in gas station bathrooms. It is very tough and impervious to moisture when properly installed. You...
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    RT Indoor Enclosure

    Yep. That's correct. Pretty much any old blade will work. The blade will last as long as you are using it for FRP. But it won't be very sharp afterward. So don't use a nice blade on it. It probably goes without saying to wear safety glasses and a respirator too. The fiberglass in the panels...