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  1. Crzt4torts

    Hide and Seek

    She thinks she is invisible...
  2. Crzt4torts

    Feline dental cleaning and scaling - pro or con?

    Routine dental care under anesthesia seems to be highly recommended in my local. Between anesthesia concern and expense, just curious about others thoughts or experiences. Also any frequency recommendations.
  3. Crzt4torts

    Yearlings Explore the Outdoors

    Enjoying some plantain in the sunshine! First summer spending 30-60 minutes periodically in outdoor pen. Still mainly in enclosed high humidity indoor habitat, all 3 yearlings doing great - growing well, no signs of pyramiding. Thanks to all the excellent advice on the forum. Still too young to...
  4. Crzt4torts

    Best US state for Russian to reside?

    Any thoughts on the best US location for Russian Tortoises to live (outdoors) - most similar to their natural habitats?
  5. Crzt4torts

    8 months and outgrowing hide

    I must be doing something right.
  6. Crzt4torts

    Tortoise Symposiums/shows

    Are there any Turtle/Tortoise events you have attended and would recommend?
  7. Crzt4torts

    California Wildfires

    Wow, just saw on the news the very lucky 75 pound Pepples the tortoise who was found fleeing the fire zone on his own. Fortunately rescued, be safe all you west coasters in the fire areas!
  8. Crzt4torts

    3 month olds seem to suddenly stay buried more

    my 3 Russian hatchlings are behaving differently, staying buried in substrate, eating less. The only thing that may be different is it is finally warm here in NY, so temps slightly higher in enclosed bin. No more than 5 degrees F. Cause for concern?? About 1 week of this behavior from all 3.
  9. Crzt4torts

    Is there such a thing as too much growth in hatchling?

    So I have 3 Russian hatchlings, now about 9 weeks old. (8 days between 1st and last hatch date). Feeding weeds, especially dandelion greens ,strawberry leaves, spring mix, cactus pads, radicchio moistened TRex Tortoise Dry Formula pellets (moistened). Pellets used mixed in no more than 3 times...
  10. Crzt4torts

    Twisted Sister no more

    Remember my little hatchling that was spiraled in it's shell? Jelly Bean has straightened out quite nicely.
  11. Crzt4torts

    4 weeks old and scaling great heights!

    Yikes! Found Tortimer up on the log hide this morning, he slid down fine But I have since buried the log hide somewhat to avoid a fall from too high. These little guys are amazing!!
  12. Crzt4torts

    The baby Russian hatchling that swallowed the hare

    OK - he swallowed a long HAIR... so today I was weighing my 3 new little guys, and when I put one one the scale noticed a long hair on him. Not thinking, I reached down to pull it away.... My poor little guy went flipping and flying!!... The hair I quickly picked up was In The process of passing...
  13. Crzt4torts

    Egg hatching rear foot first???and slowly

    My third Russian egg is starting to hatch - a rear foot has emerged. Is this normal? 12 hours since the little leg poked out of the one end, still no further progress. It is only 5 days behind its clutchmate. The egg however was much bigger and longer ( long and narrow). Could there be twins in...
  14. Crzt4torts

    Do you recognize this weed?

    can anyone ID this? I have loads, want to be sure it is edible for Russians
  15. Crzt4torts

    Russian not pooping. Digestive issue? Vet indicated?

    after separating my male and female Russian mated pair in January this year, ( prior 12 years spent together in same enclosure) he seemed off. Not eating on own, no evidence of pee or poop. Losing weight. I began soaking every other day. While active in soaks pretty much went to hide constantly...
  16. Crzt4torts

    Here comes Hatchling #2!

    I cannot give enough thanks to all the forum members whose advise and threads I have followed -it definitely made this possible!!
  17. Crzt4torts

    Omg my egg hatched!!!

    Meet Tortimer. My very first successful hatchling!
  18. Crzt4torts

    Just curious- MICRO CHIPS, pro or con?

    Debating on microchips for Indoor Cats.... Any problems experienced anyone?