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  1. Crzt4torts

    Why not to keep 2 tortoises together - a lesson learned the hard way

    I had my male/female together for over 13 years before they became interested in each other...I believe the female was just young. Then he began pestering her, I separated them and she is much happier and healthier, gained some weight. She also laid numerous eggs and has 3 hatch, almost 3 years...
  2. Crzt4torts

    PLEASE SOMEONE HELP (tortoise upside down)

    Looking at your posted photo of your baby, it APPEARS to be reflective...I see the reflection of the little guy on that right side wall.
  3. Crzt4torts

    Not Eating Food, But Trying to Eat Rocks

    Are you soaking her regularly? Iceberg has a very high water content...maybe she is a bit dehydrated?
  4. Crzt4torts

    Need Advice on Poop and Soaking

    What do you think about the starting temp of soak on my guys? What temp do you use on Joe as a full grown tortoise?
  5. Crzt4torts

    Need Advice on Poop and Soaking

    My babies (yearling) are usually under their basking light (96f) in enclosed higher humidity habitat, when I get them to cooler than that seemed to me to be too cool for them as their shells readings were at about 92F (temp gun) going into the soak...thoughts?? They seem content...
  6. Crzt4torts

    Need Advice on Poop and Soaking

    I start my soaks at 95, it cools to 85 and I then warm it not know how I can maintain constant warm temp over 20-30 minutes Cowboy Ken.
  7. Crzt4torts

    Need Advice on Poop and Soaking

    I will sometimes hand feed my Russians WHILE they are soaking - just a small amount of their favorite food...that often gets them going during their soak. I notice they also frequently will go after I move them from their cooling water into a new soak bin with warmer water.
  8. Crzt4torts

    Bathing question

    I find 95 degree (F) water is best for my crew. I often change water in 10-15 minutes to warm up. I use 2 dishpans, so when 1 gets cold or soiled with eliminated waste i just move tort to new pan and add the warm water.
  9. Crzt4torts

    Still not eating

    It takes time to settle in. But as mentioned before, daily soaks in warm water for 20 to 30 minutes is very important during periods when they are not eating.
  10. Crzt4torts

    Hide and Seek

    She thinks she is invisible...
  11. Crzt4torts

    Lost Tortoise

    simple! Wood nailed over corners because they can shimmy up corners, great climbers
  12. Crzt4torts

    Russian Girls not laying?

    My female became egg bound last year, laid 2 eggs but then was just really not herself...behavior change which concerned me. I had XRays taken, sure enough 2 eggs still in there. Oxytocin injections worked, she laid the 2 additional eggs. One was larger and shaped different...not sure if that...
  13. Crzt4torts

    Lost Tortoise

    At Home Depot I picked up some square cement block that have side notches in it for sliding a board into, and some boards. It just fits together into a rectangular perimeter, no skill required! I would not use it for leaving them out overnight, since I do not have a cover on it. And in terms...
  14. Crzt4torts

    Normal bowel movement for Russian? + diet and other issues

    A very big rubbermaid bin can work and not $$$. It is dangerous letting them roam free in the house from stories i have heard about mishaps.
  15. Crzt4torts

    Lost Tortoise

    Phew! So glad. It is pretty easy to set up a simple enclosure for your Russian if you are going to be out with him in the yard. For unattended long term outside, its more involved since they are such diggers and escape artists. But a simple cinder block or wooden perimeter while you are out will...
  16. Crzt4torts

    Feline dental cleaning and scaling - pro or con?

    Routine dental care under anesthesia seems to be highly recommended in my local. Between anesthesia concern and expense, just curious about others thoughts or experiences. Also any frequency recommendations.