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  1. russiantortoisegirl

    Russian tortoise isn’t eating

    Hello. I have a 5 year old Russian tortoise. Recently over the past few weeks she has had no interest in her food. She won’t touch it. All she wants to do is sleep. I worry she’ll become dehydrated. This has never happened before with her. I bathe her weekly. I feed her Romain lettuce, spinach...
  2. russiantortoisegirl

    Is she healthy?

    Hi!!! I have a Russian tortoise about 4 years old! She eats Romain lettuce, carrots, apples, oranges, broccoli, cauliflower, and vitamin supplements! She wakes up and walks around her enclosure for awhile, sits under her heat lamp, then eats, then goes to sleep for like the rest of the day. Is...
  3. russiantortoisegirl

    Help!!! (bugs in enclosure)

    Today well cleaning Out my tortoises enclosure I noticed tons of bugs!! I need new bedding now! I've tried reptile bark and that didn't work! What should I use??
  4. russiantortoisegirl

    Signs of a healthy tortoise

    Hi, I was just wondering what are some signs my Russian Tortoise is healthy?
  5. russiantortoisegirl

    Bored tortoise!

    Hi, I have a Russian tortoise and all she ever really does is eat and sleep. She just seems really bored. How can I make I so she isn't so bored? Or what can I add to her cage to keep her entertained?
  6. russiantortoisegirl

    Help!! (tortoise is eating substrate)

    I have a Russian Tortoise and lately I've noticed that she's been eating her reptile bark. Why is she doing this?
  7. russiantortoisegirl

    Help!! (doesn't eat, sleeps a lot)

    I have a Russian tortoise that I've had for about 2 years, and lately she's been in kinda of a funk. She doesn't eat much and she sleeps a lot. Any time I look at her she looks really depressed and very sad. Even when I'm holding her she acts depressed. Her cage is about 75 degrees Fahrenheit...
  8. russiantortoisegirl

    My new tortoise table!

    Hi everyone here is my new tortoise table that I made for my Russian tortoise! This is about her 5th day it's about with it. It's about 58' inches long
  9. russiantortoisegirl

    Help! (no poop?)

    Ok so I have a 3 1/2 year old Russian tortoise, and she eats pretty well but, she doesn't seem to be pooping or peeing. Is it possible that I'm just not seeing it, or maybe she's barring it? She gets romaine lettuce, kale, occasional fruits/ veggies, multi vitamin, calcium, tortoise diet...
  10. russiantortoisegirl

    Large growth ring. Is this normal?

    Hi, so this is my 3 1/2 year old Russian tortoise and lately I noticed that her growth ring is very large. Is this normal?
  11. russiantortoisegirl

    Is my Russian tortoise looking healthy?

    She is a female Russian tortoise, and is about 3 1/2 years old but I have had her for about 1 1/2 years
  12. russiantortoisegirl

    Am I failing my tortoise

    I can't tell if my tortoise is doing well! She hasn't had the correct lights and I found that out today. ( Only the basking light was incorrect because I don't have one )She won't eat or poop. All she does is sleep. Do I have to hibernate her? Am I failing her?
  13. russiantortoisegirl

    Help! (no poop)

    I don't think my Russian tortoise is pooping. What do I do????
  14. russiantortoisegirl

    Help! (Russian tortoise not eating)

    I have a Russian tortoises and she hasn't eat in a week. I'm really worried to. I feed her romain, spinach, kale, apples, bananas, oranges, and more but all she'll eat is apples and oranges. So if someone could help me with this thank you! She's did this before.
  15. russiantortoisegirl

    Shell check!

    This is Shelly my Russian Tortoise. Does her shell and face look good?
  16. russiantortoisegirl

    Does this look right?

    This is my Russian tortoises enclosure does it look right?
  17. russiantortoisegirl

    Does this shell look right

    This is my Russian tortoise does her shell and face look right? -Thank you-
  18. russiantortoisegirl

    Any guesses on age?

    Any one have a guess on how old my Russian tortoise is?
  19. russiantortoisegirl

    Help! (tortoise wants to hibernate)

    Ok so I've had a Russian tortoise for almost a year and I've never hibernated one and I don't want to. I think she might want to but I don't want her to. What do I do to stop her
  20. russiantortoisegirl

    HELP (Russian not eating)

    So my Russian tortoise hasn't eaten since Sunday what do I do. I'm so worried.