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  1. leopardcupcake

    A Year In The Life Of Cupcake

    So i've had my baby Cupcake for over a year now. He has gone from 36 grams to 375 grams in that time and I almost can't believe how beautiful he is. He absolutely loves Mazuri pellets and radicchio and I adore everything about him. He does have some pyramiding and I am working to fix that. I...
  2. leopardcupcake

    Cupcake Update

    Hi guys! I got my adorable leopard tortoise hatchling, Cupcake, back in February. I posted some pictures in the Introductions thread then, and I really appreciated all of your kind responses! I really love this little guy (or gal). He is a voracious eater (radicchio is his favorite) and does...
  3. leopardcupcake

    Hi From New Jersey!

    Hello Everyone! My name is Kerri and I am a hardcore tortoise noob :). I have been wanting one for a while and I finally took the plunge and ordered a Leopard Tortoise hatchling from Backwater Reptiles. I ordered him before I read the negative reviews about them, so I was pretty worried that he...