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    Picky eater

    So lucky me I have another picky eater. Last time it was a Herman’s tortoise who only wanted flowers for a good 6 months, now a 2 month old Sulcata who only eats mazuri tortoise diet and vegetation if it’s covered in mazuri. Does this happen often with youngsters or am I just special?
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    Outdoor housing

    Anyone want to throw out their two cents on what kind of flooring to use for a Sulcata’s outdoor house. Cost, convenience, what the animal likes, what’s easier to clean or replace, insulation, etc.
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    Northern Ca

    Does anyone keep Aldabras in northern Ca? I know they do in southern Ca with success. I’d love to have one but only if it was safe and the animal would have a good quality of life.
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    Tortoise aggression

    My young Herman’s tortoise has been trying to bite our hands and feet lately. Very actively trying to run a hand or foot down and take a bite. This animal is a little over a year and a half old and was moved to a larger enclosure a few weeks ago, but the aggressive behavior started a little...
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    New baby question

    Ok, so I finally decided on some Hermanns tortoises and on Tue my two little Hermanns arrived from the Arizona tortoise compound. They are moving around, digging in, sleeping and someone ate a dandilion flower( spelled wrong). I know they having to take in a lot and need an adjustment period...
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    Closed chamber

    Can a baby Hermann be raised in a closed chamber or would shell rot become an issue?
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    Night time concerns

    I've heard the enlongated tortoises are more active in the evenings and early mornings, how do enlongated owners manage this? Do the tortoises get left out all night, temps allowing? Will these tortoises know to make use of a heated shelter? Do they get put to bed late and let out early? If left...
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    Leopard personalities

    Evening all, I was reading a prior(heated) discussion about Leopard shyness. I got a little lost, but I think what I walked away with was that they tend to be more reserved than Sulcatas. After an adjustment period do Leopards recognize that their owner is not a threat or just tend to ere on the...
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    Homer's problem

    Perhaps someone can shed some light on something that's been puzzling me. I've watched a You Tube video staring a Sulcata tortoise called Homer, and Homer seems hell bent on chasing down his owner. I get the impression that Homer's intentions are hostle. I have no prior history on Homer, all I...
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    Has anyone ever tried wintering their Sulcatas in a man made burrow? I was wondering if the temps would remain stable with supplemental heating, I'm not sure if dirt alone would provide enough insulation.
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    Hello forum members. I have never used a thermostat with any of my critters before, but I have also never tried a closed chamber enclosure (none of them had the humidity requirements of a baby tortoise). There are so many different thermostats out there ranging in options and prices, can any one...
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    Mercury bulbs

    Hello, so I've read on this forum that compact and spiral uvb bulbs place a baby tortoise at risk for blindness and discomfort. Can't have that. I agree that the best uvb source is natural sunlight, but I live in Northern Ca so that's not going to be a year round option. Which mercury vapor...
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    Leopards in northern ca

    Hello, I'm still gathering information on various tortoises and one I had some questions about was the leopard tortoise. I've heard that leopard tortoises can be sensitive to higher humidity. I live in the foothills 2 hours out of Sacramento, it's been raining like a big dog lately, mind you...
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    Heat sources

    Hello members, does anyone have any favorite brands of heat mats and other heat sources they use for their Sulcatas' outdoor housing?
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    Gathering info,

    Hello all, I was hoping someone could answer a few questions for me. Currently I am trying to figure out which tortoise would be right for me. I have read up on the needs of the black and brown mountain tortoise I have the space and can provide proper outdoor housing, but as a pet what are they...
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    Help northern ca tortoise keepers

    Hello. I do not yet own a tortoise, I am trying to do as much research as possible before getting one. I live in Northern Ca on 5 acres,our temps can drop below freezing sometimes and Summer's can get into the low100s sometimes. I want my future tortoise to have access to the outdoors when it's...